Compass Sport Trophy Round 2017 - Simpson Ground

March 12th 2017.

Just back from Simpson Ground, Compass Sport Trophy. Mixed bag of fortunate and misfortune. Chris Mitchell had an unexpected trip to urgent care after injuring his leg, hope everything is ok Chris. Some PFO members took longer than others, but Andy assures me he was just getting his money's worth. Well done to our juniors, Caleb finished first in his class with William not far behind, Elenor and Rachel finished 2nd and 3rd in their class and Christian, now moving up to TD5 completed a technically difficult course, finishing an hour quicker than his dad. I'm not sure of the other results yet but well done to everyone who made the journey the the Lakes today.


P.S Chris had stitches in his leg and is now hopefully on the mend.


With regard to the recent competition in the Lakes, I offer my commiserations to those members who were ill,indisposed, working or simply unavailable to compete for the club. My thanks go to those 20 stalwarts who were there,even though we performed less well than we would have liked. Special thanks to Chris,who,having travelled down from Edinburgh to run and,in his own words,wanting to put something back into a club whichhad supported him financially and in other ways over the years,ended up at Lancaster Infirmary with a very badly-gashed knee--not the outcome he had in mind when running really well up to his tumble off a crag. Special thanks too to bionic man Mike Fairburn,who,unfit to run,turned up to,in his words,support the club.


P.S. A final comment. George has been the organiser for the vast majority of our events and deserves the thanks of the club for all his efforts.



19th Mar 17  by Kate Willis