New Map Standards

Fancy a new map?

The International Orienteering Federation IOF has published new mapping standards.  The document is titled ISOM 2017 International Specification for Orienteering Maps.  These new specifications will apply to all IOF events from 1st January 2018 and are optional for IOF events from 1st May 2017.  Whilst we are not immediately affected, all future PFO maps and updates to maps will be drawn using the new standards and symbol sets.  

Most symbols remain unchanged, though some of the rules for their use have.  There are a number of new symbols which will help clarify certain features.  All dimensions given are for a 1:15000 scale map, therefore at 1:10000 the dimensions are 150% greater and at 1:7500 (non-IOF standard, but commonplace for small areas and young or old age groups) dimensions are 200% greater.

To appraise yourself of what to expect in future, or if you are keen on knowing more about mapping, please download the IOF document in Downloadable Documents below.  Read all the intro sections to understand what you should expect from your competition maps.

Here is a selection of important symbol additions to be aware of.  Check them out so you aren't baffled on your run:

  • 115 Prominent landform feature
  • 215 Trench
  • 302 Shallow water body
  • 311 Well, fountain or water tank
  • 313 Prominent water feature
  • 402 and 404 Scattered tree representation
  • 415 and 416 Distinct vegetation boundary options
  • 508 Narrow ride options
  • 521 and 522 Building and canopy options
  • There are other additions and changes.  How many can you spot?

Have fun!  Take care!



Downloadable Documents

ISOM 2017 International Standards for Orienteering
Published 4th April 2017

07th Apr 17  by George Crawford-Smith