Resources for teachers

Why offer Orienteering in School?

  • Outdoor adventure activity
  • Courses for all ages and abilities
  • Competition with yourself and others
  • Use of map and compass skills to solve navigation problems
  • Map making
  • Exercise for the brain as well as the legs

How does Orienteering fit into School?

  • As an element in the National Curriculum for PE, Geography and Mathematics
  • As an adventure activity which is cheap to set up and run
  • As a recreational activity for outdoor activity weekends
  • As a sport with school championships at every level

Why is it fun?

  • Exploring the countryside
  • Knowing where you're going
  • Running or walking along grassy forest paths
  • Looking forward to finding the controls
  • Talking to your friends afterwards
  • You don't have to take part on your own
  • Two heads sharing the map reading can sometimes be better than one

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Orienteering books from Harvey's guides :-

Start Orienteering set of 5 books

A series of books for teachers. No previous knowledge is assumed. Though primarily aimed at introducing orienteering to children of primary school age, these books are a first class resource when teaching the elements of navigation to any age group.Copiously illustrated.

Orienteering in the National Curriculum Key Stages 3 and 4

Second edition: This book provides teachers with a very practical guide to orienteering as an outdoor adventure activity in the school curriculum.

Contains 18 lesson plans plus a section on indoor activities and exercises.

Orienteering in Schools and Outdoor Centres

By Carol McNeill and Glynn Roberts. This newly published book provides teachers with a very practical guide to orienteering as an outdoor adventure activity in the school curriculum.

'This book is the best resource currently available for teachers of orienteering as an outdoor and adventurous activity in schools and outdoor centres. It offers best practice based on the authors' long experience of teaching the sport'. Derek Allison.

Teaching Orienteering

By Carol McNeill, Jean Cory-Wright and Tom Renfrew. Published by Harvey/Human Kinetics in collaboration with the British Orienteering Federation.

Full colour throughout. Paperback. 160 pages. Teaching Orienteering makes it easier than ever for busy teachers, leaders and coaches to introduce orienteering skills and techniques to students of the sport.

Schools + teachers.

"Sport Spotlight" Orienteering This article gives teachers useful background if you are thinking of starting orienteering in your school.


Some other books give advice on learning about orienteering and improving your personal orienteering:-


Carol McNeill's new orienteering book.

The book covers :- Skills, Basic + Advanced Techniques, Racing, Training. Published by Crowood Press at £9.99.

Crowood Sports Guides – Orienteering By Carol McNeill
£9.99 from Crowood Press, Harvey's and other 'O' shops.

Basic skills, advanced techniques, practical information on training and

up to date input from Graham Gristwood and Pippa Archer.

Over 200 maps & photographs in full colour.

Orienteering Techniques - Gareth Bryan-Jones

SOA.New colour edition published 2006

Technical advice to help orienteers of all abilities.

A very useful booklet. This will help beginners avoid some of the pitfalls in orienteering.

Covers rough & fine orienteering techniques helping you to find the control in the shortest time.

Author: Gareth Bryan-Jones, a coach, controller and competitor since the early seventies.

Available from Compasspoint.

See the Compasspoint website for other books on orienteering + running techniques.

18th Dec 12  by Kate Willis