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The OMM 50th anniversary event was held in the Lake District over the weekend of October 28/29th 2017.  This was the event to do!

Langdale, steep and rugged in all directions, was the perfect setting for the event centre.  Shame you couldn't see its grandeur on mist shrouded and rain soaked Saturday, but it was a spectacular sun-bathed backdrop for the Sunday finish and prize giving.  One returning Italian competitor said "The OMM is like a virus.  Once you've been infected, it is very difficult to rid yourself of it."  How true!

The Original Mountain Marathon (previously KIMM, known universally as "the Karrimor") proved to be a fantastic success in all aspects:  the organisation, the challenging area, the standard of competition and, not least, the highly technical navigation and route choices beloved of orienteers.  PFO members and friends had excellent results while other members were amongst 130 volunteers staging the event.  Ashton family for start & finish and Gillian RW, Trevor Smith and new member Bridget Jardine for other duties.

Competitively, Saturday proved to be the key as the cloud base was down to 400m, meaning that many controls were in less than 50m visibility.  Tough for navigators, very very tough for the rest.  Courses were won and lost on single controls, with teams wasting 10, 20 or even 45 minutes locating tricky controls.

Congratulations are due to:
Long Score:  2nd overall - Max Cole and Calvin Routledge with 900 points (winners 1030)
Long Score:  85th overall - Chris Goddard & Izaak Tyson-Hirst with 340 points
Short Score:  2nd overall and 1st mixed team - Steve & Catherine Wilson with 490 points (winners 502)
Short Score:  76th overall - Mike Parsons & George CS with 174 points ( or 325 points with veteran bonus included).

They both felt the urge to un-retire to compete in the 50th.  They succeeded in coming 20th in the Short Score Veteran class.  Respectively, they have 50 and 43 years of association with the event, plus the event's highest team combined age of 148 years.

For full race results, news and OMM product information go to The OMM website.

No clues yet as to where the event will be in 2018!

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OMM action., Google search

OMM action.

30th Oct 17  by George Crawford-Smith