Peel Park

Image of the Peel Park map

The Coppice is popular with runners, dog walkers, horse riders, mountain bikers and orienteers.  The mill workers park and the Coppice were bequeathed by William Peel to the people of Accrington town in 1909, with the scarp of mature conifers being planted in 1972/3.  Below the scarp there are rough meadows, becks, ponds and old mine workings to add interest.  One curious feature of the area is the maze of ditches on the top moor, looking harmless on the map but devilishly difficult to find in the undulations, heather and bent grass.  By all accounts they were dug by Italian POWs as a defence against Luftwaffe gliders landing.  In this endeavour they were entirely successful!
In 2012 Plantation Road was added to the map.  Here the mill owners great houses once stood by the cobbled highway, but now the house grounds are a plantation where you can now run under the canopy.  The whole area gives fantastic variety and the best technical orienteering in the district.


Nearest town: Accrington

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