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Tockholes was voted best area in Lancashire in the recent best 100 areas in the UK listing.  

95% of the competition area is woodland covering the catchment for Rodlesworth Reservoirs.  A wide stream bisects the area with many tributaries and deep valleys on the steeper slopes.  The area is mostly mature deciduous woodland including beech, almost all of which is fast runnable terrain with minor undergrowth.  There are also areas of coniferous plantation which are slower but passable.  Some open areas and semi-open areas have seasonal growth making them slower.  Old quarry workings give intricate contour detail and ruins.  Rock features include some 10m high crags!

The whole area gives some of the best traditional orienteering in Lancashire.  Fast, runnable and intricate.

The area is open to the public and you may encounter walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders.  Please be considerate.

Tockholes was used in October 2012 for the Lancashire HotPot weekend incorporating the UK Relay Finals and Middle Distance event.

Preparatory work began in 2017 for forestry operations that will take place in 2018.  The extent of felling is not yet known but we believe it will not exceed 10% of the area and will be retricted to the northern half.  PFO will progressively update the map as work proceeds.


Nearest town: Tockholes village

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Tockholes - clearing.,

Tockholes - clearing.

Tockholes - stream,

Tockholes - stream

Tockholes - beech wood

Tockholes - beech wood


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