Capricorn 2011

Plannerís comments


I would like to apologise for the error on placement of control 113 the original version of the 1:25000 map used for planning and the print used for the event map were very different in detail. There is no excuse however the position should have been pace counted in to ensure that the control was in the correct place. The map also caused a problem for 118 as again the paths are not quite correct. The selection of the pond was a last minute change; I had intended to use a sheepfold to the north of the pond; however the grassy path, which was visible early in the summer, was very overgrown and certainly not easy to see.† Again no excuses a little more care would have solved the problems.

We considered awarding some compensation to those who visited 113, but there is no even-handed way of adding either points or time, so we have let the results stand as scored.  Again, our apologies to those affected.

We have taken two lessons on board from the event, firstly to ensure that the planning map is the same version as the event map, and to be very careful to ensure that any controls placed where not in a position where there could be confusion on the map. Secondly we will have a controller for all controls for future events of this type.

Looking at the results it looks as though we made it a bit tough for the 2 hour score course, there perhaps should have been more controls closer to the start allowing for more choice and the opportunity for everyone to have more controls to visit within the timespan. We are also looking at penalty points for future events as to whether 10 points per minute was too harsh, however, those that made it back on time did benefit.

Hopefully despite the problems with the two controls I hope that you had an enjoyable day in an interesting part of the Pennines.

Bill Griffiths