(1/2) Snook-O, Towneley Park, Nov 14 2015

Date of event: Sat 14th Nov 15
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs


Snook-O 2015 League Table - Week 1

RESULTS & LEAGUE now posted:  See Downloadable documents below .....

Well done to all who took part, especially class leaders Liam Corner MDOC on the Long and Jim Mitchell PFO on the Medium.

Andy Ellis, our chief scorer, comments about the score sheet:
"Cells highlighted in yellow are controls that were visited after the 60 minute cut-off, these then appear in the top of the penalties section and the points deducted.
"Controls that were visited out of sequence are shown at the bottom of the penalties section and again these are deducted.  For example I went to 118, highlighted in green, between my last red/colour and the yellow so have lost 1 point (no excuse as I should know the rules !), and I was 1 minute 11 seconds late at the black !
"A few people William Ellis, Richard Catlow and Andrew Robinson have also been 'docked' one point because they failed to 'dib' a colour between their last red and the yellow, some people double dibbed the yellow - allowing about 15+ seconds - to get round this."  [Planner comment:  To be fair, not all competitors were advised to wait 15+ seconds before double dibbing the Yellow.  The box will not register the second dib if you do it too quickly.]

Planner's Comments:
It's all over.  Your scores for Towneley, together with next week's, will be combined for the grand Snook-O league table.

As it turned out, there was no problem with the weather, just light rain and light winds, and no problem with ankle-deep stream crossings either.  Generally, a bit damp, but nothing unusual for orienteers.  By the time all controls had been collected the rain was getting heavier, but all equipment was back in store before 3:00PM and I was halfway home.

I hope you enjoyed this year's course, planned longer, so that no one on the Long course could 'pot' Red-Black 9 times, then all the colours for a 99 'break' (or Medium: 6 times for a 75 break.)  This means that every competitor has to do a bit of thinking and calculating to achieve a good maximum score.  Everyone I spoke to declared that they "could have done better, if only I had ....".

Three control issues were reported by more than one competitor:  "102 Yellow, Path bend - the kite was wired back into the ivy and several folk ran past it.  103 Green, Knoll - the knoll is small and the tree on top of it is large, thus hiding the kite from anyone approaching from the NE i.e. most competitors.  107 Black, Bridge - there was no security on the Bridge so a nearby tree (7m) was used.  Apologies on all counts for thise affected.  I'll try to do better next week.

Best quote of the day from a fell running novice to orienteering "What are all these wiggly brown lines on the map?"

Now that you've got the hang of the format, there's next week to hone your skills.  Brun Valley Forest is only 700m from the NE corner of youy Towneley map, but the terrain is very different. 

Snook-O is a lightweight event with just 15 controls needed, with Start and Finish right next to Registration.  Thank you to all helpers (Alice, Mary, Maureen and Jim, also Andy for score keeping.) for making the event easy to execute. 

George Crawford-Smith - Planner.


Below here pre-event details.


Forecast:  Wind and rain.  Bring waterproofs and use them!
Streams:  Streams have been in flood, so please make a sound judgement before crossing.  In Towneley Park there is always a path & bridge alternative route.

Saturday Morning Orienteering for competition, practice and training.  Event 1 of 2.
Practice your navigation skills and compass work, at one or both of our events.  Each week there are Snook-O Score courses suitable for Juniors and Adults.

The format is Snook-O:  As with snooker, pot a Red - Colour - Red - Colour etc, then Yellow to Black to finish.  Long course = 9 Reds.  Short course = 6 Reds.  Time limit 60 minutes.

Towneley Park:  The "park" is much more than playing fields and bushes!  There are two main areas - one is a 15 year old plantation, the other is mature woodland with many contour features.  Both areas have a network of paths. 

Next Snook-O event:
Next Saturday at Brun Valley Forest Park, Burnley, 21st November.

events location


Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs
Grid Ref: SD857314
Postcode: BB11 3ER
Latitude: 53.77833
Longitude: -2.21772
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Andy Ellis PFO
Controller: N/a
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses.
Dogs may be walked under control after the event.


Toilet and Tea/Coffee Kiosk at parking/registration.  Also sit-down cafe at Towneley Hall, 500m walk.

Downloadable Documents

Towneley Snook-O Long course results., Towneley Snook-O Medium course results.,

About the area/map

Townley Park, Burnley

Towneley Park near the centre of Burnley is large and varied, with Towneley House and visitor centre as the centrepiece.  The area is crossed by formal paths in the open areas and informal paths through rough scrub, rhododendrons and semi-mature plantations that surround the playing fields and two golf courses.  There are a lot of water features, streams, ditches, ponds, marshes and the main river.  Don't be surprised if you encounter a deep ravine, a tunnel, a memorial or a route choice through a building.  Winning times are usually fast.

Read more about the Townley Park, Burnley area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith