(2/2) Snook-O, Brun Valley Forest, Nov 21 2015

Date of event: Sat 21st Nov 15
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs


Brun Valley Snook-O Long course results
Brun Valley Snook-O Medium course results
Snook-O League Table after 2 events. (Corrected)

Planner's report:

The Snook-O courses were planned and printed 2 weeks ago.  The river level was still low at that time.

As last week, I tried to ensure that no competitor could shuttle to and from to any one colour by setting the Black off-centre and longer distances from some reds to other high scoring colour balls.  The optimum route was thereby much less obvious.  And so it proved.

It was clear late on Friday afternoon that, after recent heavy rain, the lake outflow river was quite full and fast flowing.  I did a couple of test crossings in the half-light and realised that smaller, lighter competitors could be endangered if the water level remained high.  I prepared a note for competitors with three possibilities - prohibited, cross at your discretion and safe to cross - with a final assessment on the day.  This morning the level was only slightly lower so decided to prohibit river crossings, by deleting the other two options.  Hopefully, everyone heeded the instruction.  Having said that, by the time all controls had been collected the level was almost back to normal having lost some 6 inches in depth.

As a result scores, for the faster, braver souls, were lower than they might otherwise have been.

Apologies to Mary Barton-Marshall for wrongly attributing her score to another competitor and to Chris Lowrey and Garry Alexander for missing them off the results.  Now corrected - see revised League Table.

Congaratulations to 1st, 2nd & 3rd series podium places:  
Long Course: Liam Corner MDOC (156), Simon Sarginson BOF (129) and Andy Ellis PFO (118).
Medium Course:  Daniel Wilson SROC (102), Jim Mitchell PFO (97) and Katy Thompson PFO (91).

Thanks to today's helpers, Hamish, Mary, Jim, Gillian and Andy (scoring system & results) and last week's helpers, without whom these mini-events wouldn't be possible.

Next two events:  Nick O'Pendle night event 5th December, and Pendle Hill day event 6th December.

Original entry below here.

SAFETY:  We will assess the water depth in the reservoir outflow river later in the week.  This will determine whether river crossings will be OK and at the discretion of the competitor, or whether such crossings are prohibited for all competitors.  There are path & bridge alternative routes, though this will add distance, and consequently affect your choice of which next "ball" to pot.

Saturday Morning Orienteering for competition, practice and training.  Event 2 of 2.
Practice your navigation skills and compass work, at one or both of our events.  Each week there are Snook-O Score courses suitable for Juniors and Adults.

The format is Snook-O:  As with snooker, pot a Red - Colour - Red - Colour etc, then Yellow to Black to finish.  Long course = 9 Reds.  Short course = 6 Reds.  Time limit 60 minutes.

Brun Valley Forest:  The area is a mix of mature forest on the north side of the main river and 20 year old young plantation on the south side.  Three bridges enable you to cross between the two areas, with fording at many places when the water levels are appropriate.

events location


Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs
Grid Ref: SD864324
Postcode: BB10 3JS
Latitude: 53.78763
Longitude: -2.20961
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Andy Ellis PFO
Controller: N/a
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses.
Dogs may be walked under control after the event.


Toilet in the Thornton Arms in exchange for your custom after the event.  Snacks and meals available.

Please avoid entering the pub in muddy shoes.

About the area/map

Brun Valley Forest Park

The mapped area comprises both the newly created Brun Valley Forest Park and the contiguous areas of Queen's Park, Thompson Park and the lanscaped Bank Hall Colliery site.  The parks and colliery have been used for orienteering for many years.  The larger part of the map is Brun Valley, which Burnley Borough have progressively opened up for public recreation in recent years.  Much of this area was originally coal mines, which have been reclaimed, landscaped and planted.  Woodland ranges from mature stands to young trees, which are now large enough to run through.  Established alder creates a maze of thickets within the young trees.

The River Brun bisects the map, running through Rowley Lake.  There ar few bridging points, though a new footbridge is planned for 2014.  Except at times of prolonged or heavy rain, the river is fordable through the shallows.  The tributaries are fordable at most points.

Read more about the Brun Valley Forest Park area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith