(2/3) Autumn Series, Thompson Pk, Sep 30 2017

Date of event: Sat 30th Sep 17
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs


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Organiser's Comments:

Autumn has arrived! Rain falling early in the day and leaves falling all day.

This was a small and easy event to organise, apart from manning 3 road crossings!  The double road crossing during the event was timed out, so your race time results show your total time minus your crossing time.  The timed out leg is still shown in your splits, so both your race time (left side) and total elapsed time (right side) are both shown.

Finishers complemented our two planners, Chritian Wood and Caleb Thornber, on their courses.  Well done and thank you to every one involved, competitors and helpers alike.

George Crawford-Smith - Organiser.


Pre-event information below here:

Event 2 of 3 in the Autumn Intro Series at Thompson Park, Queen's Park and Bank Hall Colliery.

The competition area comprises two adjacent parks with a mix of paths, buildings, play areas, grassland and woodland, plus a boating lake and miniature railway.   In addition, the adjacent old Bank Hall colliery site has been landscaped and planted.  Be aware of the elevated Leeds-Liverpool canal that bisects the area, which can be crossed via an underpass. 

All courses will have a timed out road crossing, which will be marshaled. 


events location


Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs
Grid Ref: SD848334
Postcode: BB10 3EF
Latitude: 53.79743
Longitude: -2.23148
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Caleb Thornber PFO & Christian Wood PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: Judith Wood PFO
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

The two public parks, Thompson and Queens are covered by a bylaw prohibiting dogs.  However, dogs are permitted in the adjacent Bank Hall colliery where they may be exercised responsibly after your run.  Dogs are therefore not allowed on courses.
Please keep your dog under close control and observe usual canine etiquette.


The Pavilion Cafe in Queen’s Park will be open on the day.  Please make use of the facilities AFTER your run.  Subject to confirmation: the toilet block MAY be open too.

Distance from Registration/parking to the Pavilion is approximately 300m, but across the busy main road.  Use the manned road crossing.  Children MUST be accompanied.

About the area/map

Thompson Park

Read more about the Thompson Park area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith