(2/3) Dean Clough South (PJL), Oct 1 2016

The long view over Dean Clough to Pendle Hill.,

Date of event: Sat 01st Oct 16
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Whalley, Clitheroe


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Planner's comments:

Thank you to everyone who turned out at Dean Clough.  The area gives courses of Light Green standard, with a few Green standard controls in the small, but lovely, wooded area.  All courses ended in the woods giving a traditional feel to the event.

There were a few problems encoutered on the day.  Boxes 114 (no beep) and 108 (continuous beep) appeared to be malfuntioning, though actually they did register your visit, so no intervention was necessary in the results.  At control 105 (Hill, NE end) it was physically impossible to drive the stake into the ground so a tree root was used to secure the box and kite - I hope no one was inconvenienced.  At control 112 (Wet pit, E side) the old tractor track has been completely obliterated by reeds growing in, but the map still showed the track.  Most people seemed to cope with this by following the nearby earth bank.  At a large event with a controller in place these things would not have happened.

Permission at Dean Clough and other United Utilities areas depends on the goodwill of tenant farmers.  They are mainly concerened about secure boundaries keeping stock in place.  Damage to walls, fences, or gates being left open, would cause problems for future permissions.  Thank you to all for obseving the requst to maintain this security.

Andy Ellis has posted your results in double quick time.  See links.

Hope to see you at Nick O'Pendle next weekend.

George Crawford-Smith - planner.


Autumn Series event 2 of 3.  Each successive event offers more technical orienteering.  Incorprating event 2 of the Pendle Junior League 2016.

The area provides good fast running with technical challenge and route choice options.

Terrain:  The competition area is a combination of fields, rough pasture and woodland that is the catchment area for Dean Clough reservoir.  There are old excavations, walls, fences, contour detail and rock features.

Map:  Partially updated in 2016.

events location


Nearest town: Whalley, Clitheroe
Grid Ref: SD714321
Postcode: BB1 4AD
Latitude: 53.78499
Longitude: -2.43466
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/a
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses.  This is sheep country.  Parking is adjacent to a sometimes busy road and dogs are a potential liability.  Keep under very close control.


There are no facilities at the parking lay-by.

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The long view over Dean Clough to Pendle Hill.,

The long view over Dean Clough to Pendle Hill.

Looking SE to mature woodland above the reservoir.,

Looking SE to mature woodland above the reservoir.

View over Dean Clough reservoirs towards Pendle Hi,

About the area/map

Dean Clough

Dean Clough is the water catchment area for two reservoirs west of Great Harwood.  The area is very runnable, being mostly sheep grazed rough open fields, but with drainage features, old workings, plantations and ruins.  The largest plantation offers good technical orienteering.  An extension to the north-east of the original map was added for the Night & Day event in December 2013, comprising Billington wood and Spring Bank.  This extension adds some classic forest, steep scarp, quarry, crag and gorse features).

Read more about the Dean Clough area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith