(2/4) Marsden Park, Nelson, Feb 6 2016

Date of event: Sat 06th Feb 16
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Nelson, Lancs


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Planner's Comments:

Results are now available.  The issue turned out to be due to a couple of the control boxes that were used returning a different number to that on the SI box label.  All sorted. 

Shame about the weather, but despite this, there was a good turnout of competitors across the age spectrum.  The format of a 3-leg 1-person relay suits Marden Park very well, which is too small to run normal length line courses in.  The stacked legs with a common Start, map exchange and Finish worked well.  The map tent proved to be useful in keeping the (unused) maps and officials dry.

Leg 2 (144 Stream source) to 3 (136 Reentrant) caused more post event discussion than any other.  There were 3 alternatives:  straight, west around and east around.  The straight route was only 40m, but involved a steep slippery bank with tree roots for hand and foot holds.  West around, 80m, used the deep, but easy angled, reentrant to overcome the slope.  East around was 145m of gently rising contouring.  Which was fastest?  Best direct time was 1:33, best east time 1:23 and best west time .... I don't know.  Andy Ellis had the fastest time and took the contouring route, so I declare this to be the best choice.

One suggestion from the woods was to run the O-LG-Gr course in reverse - the Green leg first, followed by Light Green followed by Orange.  This ensures that the area is not already familiar when you tackle the hardest lap, which would be followed by the technically easier, quick decision legs when you are tired.  Next time.

As always, thanks for coming and hope to see you at Brun Valley and the Parks on 6th March.  Maybe there'll be some of that fast action sprinting to savour!

Thanks to our band of helpers.  You know who you are.

George Crawford-Smith - Planner.


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Spring Series event 2 of 4.  Each successive event offers more technical orienteering.

Marsden Park has a lot of orienteering features in a small area.  The area comprises fast open running, but contrasted with contoured woodland.  Courses from White to Green, with longer courses being run as a 3-leg one-person relay.   The map is draw to ISSOM (Sprint) format and the courses have fast route choice decisions.   See course table for permitted leg combinations.

Courses are run within the park boundary and are suitable for all abilities from beginner through to expert.    

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Spring series event 3 of 4 has been postponed until (provisionally) Octoberber 1st.  Event 4/4 at Brun Valley on 6th March is unchanged.

events location


Nearest town: Nelson, Lancs
Grid Ref: SD878381
Postcode: BB9 8BW
Latitude: 53.83946
Longitude: -2.18564
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses.  They may be exercised under control after your run.


Toilets on site.  PFO junior cake stall..

About the area/map

Marsden Park, Nelson

Marsden Park in Nelson is a well maintained public park which includes a lot of orienteering features.  There are numerous paths and tracks.

Off track, most of the park is fast runnable terrain but there are numerous areas of thicket and hedges that add interest and route choice.  The park is divided by a deep valley with many contour and water features.

The 2013 map is drawn to ISSOM standards at a scale of 1:2500.  There are numerous uncrossable features in the park including hedges, crags, walls and fences.  There are several levels in the park divided by uncrossable walls.

Read more about the Marsden Park, Nelson area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith