(2/4) Nuttall Park, Jun 10 2015


Date of event: Wed 10th Jun 15
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Ramsbottom


Nuttall simple results (without penalties for out of order controls).
Nuttall splits (without penalties for out of order controls).

Good turnout again this week circa 30 competitors, though some new faces and some drop outs.

Simple and Split results and League Table (after 2 weeks of 4) now posted! See Downloadable Documents below.

The Simple and Split results are based on usual score event rules with all visited controls counting.  However, the rules of the game this week (and for the final 2 weeks) are that any lower point controls visited after any higher point controls will not count and will be deducted from the competitors final tally!

All MAXI course competitors understood and obayed the rule.  So the MAXI results stand without adjustment.

Not so for MIDI competitors!  A few minor adjustments have been made and one major adjustment, but only one change of position was necessary. 

At the Week 1 event at Staghills the scoring rules were different.  The MAXI had relatively hight scores and the MIDI had relatively low scores compared to Weeks 2, 3 and 4, all of which operate with the same rules.  Therefore, the Week 1 scores have been 'normalised' to the Week 2 scores.  Fortuately the winners of both the MIDI and MAXI courses were the same both weeks.  I have given them both the same scores in Week 1 as in Week 2 and adjusted everyone else's scores pro rata.  If this method looks unfair after Weeks 3 and 4, there may be further adjustments necessary to Week 1 scores.  Watch this space!  

Invasive species alert!!  Having just watched the BBC programme on invasive species I realised that Japenes Knotweed grows in abunance at Nuttall Park.  MAXI competitors will have been wading through the stuff near control 119 especially.

It would be a shame if we. as orienteers, were to be responsible for infecting other orienteering areas or our own gardens via our shoes or clothing.  To this end, as a precaution, I have washed my O-kit and disinfected my shoes!  You might like to do likewise.

Good information on Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species can be found on the RHS website.


Original event info below here:

Midweek SCORE Series.  Event 2 of 4.  

This is the second event in the June Wednesday evening series designed for competition, practice and training. 

Simple format - 21 controls - 7 easy, 7 medium and 7 hard.  Maxi = hard score course, Midi = medium score course.
Open to all abilitiesnovice, junior and adult competitors.
Turn up and go.

SEASONAL VEGETATION:  Long legwear is recommended as nettles and brambles are growing rapidly towards their seasonal high.

June SCORE Series events:
Week: Date: Area Location: Parking:
2 10th June Nuttall Park Ramsbottom Nutall Hall Rd **
Off Bury New Rd
3 17th June Brun Valley
Burnley Queen's Park Rd
BB10 3LB
24th June Sunnyhurst
Darwen Earnsdale Rd, Darwen

**  An O-sign will be deployed at the turn off Bury New Road as it is not easy to spot the park sign.
Beware of potholes on this road.  When you reach the car park take the second entrance on your right.

There will be a league table for both Maxi and Midi courses.  Best 3 results out of 4 to win!

Nuttall Park is on the banks of the River Irwell.  There is a wide variety of terrain:  open parkland with sports and play areas, evidence of old workings and contour features in the extnsive woodland (steep in places) and a good path network.
A local guide comments "Nuttall Park is the site and grounds of the former Nuttall Hall (demolished in 1952), built by the Grant family, local mill owners. Now contains football pitches, a bowling green, sculptures and tennis courts. Across the river are the remains of Nuttall Mill and village. All in an attractive valley setting."

events location


Nearest town: Ramsbottom
Grid Ref: SD797163
Postcode: BL0 9LU
Latitude: 53.64253
Longitude: -2.30920
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Bill Griffiths PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

This is parkland.  Dogs are allowed but the usual rules apply.  Clear up after your dog.



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League standings after 2 weeks. (Week 1 scores ad,

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Posted by George Crawford-Smith