(3/3) Nick O’Pendle (PJL), Oct 9 2016

View from the competition area.,

Date of event: Sun 09th Oct 16
Type of event: District (C)
Nearest town: Clitheroe, Lancs.


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Controller's comments: 
George's courses seemed to meet with universal approval, and I merely had to suggest a few minor tweaks.  However, one or two people had problems with controls 138(gully) and 122(re-entrant). These were actually the required distance apart and shouldn't have caused a problem.  Controls 124 and 126 were again 'legal' (just about!) but were admittedly on similar-looking features. Apologies for this.  However, a quick check of codes would have been a good idea!

Also worth a mention is the sterling work done by our 2 junior SI operatives, who coped magnificently with the rush of competitrors AND, at the end, helped unpick the mystery of the 'missing' ghost competitor occassioned by a real competitor misquoting his dibber number on registering.  You know who you are!

Jim Mitchell PFO - Controller


Planner's Comments:  
And still they came!  The reputation of Pendle Hill, perfect weather and nowt else on in the NW, all pointed in the same direction - cramped parking and a lack of maps!

Our original competitor estimate, based on previous Nick O'Pendle events, was 80 to 100, so we planned to print 120 maps.  On a whim, based on BBC's week ahead weather forecast, we added 5 maps to each course totalling 160 maps.   We're glad we did, as even then we ran out of maps on all courses except Orange and Yellow.  With hindsight we should have printed an extra 10 per course then, I think, no one would have been disappointed.  Our apologies to anyone who had to run up or down, or in a couple of cases didn't get to run at all.  We'll do better for Hameldon Level C in December.  Fingers crossed for PFO weather again!

The courses:  From almost everyone who commented, a big thubs up on the courses. 
But there were a few gripes, mostly related to mis-punching.  There were two pairs of controls that caused problems.  Jim has pointed out the confusion caused by 124 (Hill, S end) and 126 (Knoll, W side) being only 30m apart and on similar features, though they were on opposite sides of a footpath.  I should not have selected two controls so close together.  My apologies to everyone affected.  The other pair 122 (SW reentrant) and 138 (Linear marsh) were 45m apart and should not have been confused, though both had reeds thereabouts.

In the end, it is the competitor, who is responsible for navigating to and correctly punching each control, though I as planner should not be creating any confusion with control placement.

A note on control placement:  You will have noticed that most controls were set low to the ground.  I make no apologies for this as Pendle is characterised by glaciated smoothness, pock marked by human industry and only a single tree in the entire competition area.  The peat and vegetation in many places is only wafer thin before you hit bed rock.  So that controls were not visible for 100s of metres I had to site most contols/kites low in pits, ponds, shallow reentrants or above approaching competitors.  I know controls should never be 'hidden', but Pendle, in my view is a special case.  

Most competitors got round unscathed, and I take that as a complement.

My thanks are due to our cadre of willing PFO volunteers who collected controls in about 45 minutes flat, having taken me 7 hours to put them out! 

George Crawford-Smith PFO - Planner.

Organiser's Comments: 
A lovely early Autumn day, ideal for Pendle Hill, just a nice temperature for runners and helpers alike.  A superb turn out from PFO and neighbouring clubs, which kept all our helpers busy throughout the event.  Feedback from participants were very positive and complimentary, the course was challenging for all, but nearly everyone felt it was Spot On.
We had great support from Pendle Ski Club and The Wellsprings with the club making donations to both for use of their facilities and space.
So just to add a big thank you to PFO club members, assisting the organisers,  supporting and volunteering on the day, making it a great event for everyone.
Thank you.
Garry Alexander PFO - Organiser.


Pre-event information below here. ============================

Autumn Series event 3 of 3.  Each successive event offers more technical orienteering.  Incorprating event 3 of the Pendle Junior League 2016.

The Nick O'Pendle area is open moorland, steep in places, but runnable in most parts.  There is a wealth of old mining and contour detail.

Courses will be suitable for novices to experts. 



events location


Nearest town: Clitheroe, Lancs.
Grid Ref: SD772390
Postcode: BB7 9HN
Latitude: 53.84613
Longitude: -2.34667
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Garry Alexander PFO
Controller: Jim Mitchell PFO
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

This is sheep country - no dogs on courses.
You may exercise your dog under strict control after the event.


Toilets and cafe at Registration.

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View from the competition area.,

View from the competition area.

About the area/map

Nick O’Pendle

Open moorland. 
Nick o'Pendle 1995 map now (2014) updated with numerous new minor paths across the moorland, but water, contour and rock features are unchanged.

On the flanks of the moor the terrain is mostly runnable grassland with man-made mineral extraction detail in many places - spoil heaps, gullies, pits and old tracks.  The small wooded area to the south was felled in 2011.

A major characteristic of the moor top is the peaty soil giving rise to wet grassy ground and scattered seasonal ponds.  Only medium and large ponds are marked.

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Posted by George Crawford-Smith