(3/4) Brun Valley Forest, Jun 17 2015

The Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815.,

Date of event: Wed 17th Jun 15
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Burnley


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Report penned 18th June 2015:

On this day, 1815, opposing armies fought on the fields of Waterloo.  Victorious or humbled, the future of Europe was sealed.
So it was on the eve, scouts were despatched to all corners of the battlefield to find secret paths, safe river crossings, hiding places, strongholds and points of advantage over the opposition.  In the end there were both victors and vanquished.  Many were wounded.
The mission proved that for thorn, thistle and nettle, 21st century inter-galactic battle shorts were little match for the sensible 19th century breeches of the victorious.  Check out the lists - who won medals and who was defeated.


A great turnout for a dull evening.  Brun Valley is a much more technical area than either Staghills or Nuttall Park added to which the undergrowth was just that bit more troublesome this week. 

All but one understood the 10-15-20 sequence rule.  That person had points deducted for taking 2 controls out of this sequence. 

One appology from the planner:  Control 108 was described as "Boulder 1.5m".  You could be forgiven for thinking this is a vertical dimension, whereas the boulder in question was 1.5m horizontally.  Those that failed to find it were looking for a set of 3 concrete steps lying flat on the ground.

My thanks to Gillian Rowan-Wilde PFO and Hamish Willis PFO for SI, to Graham Horrocks PFO for assisting with the put-out and Steve Wilson SELOC (again) and Peter Stobbs PFO (again) for helping with collecting in.

Roll on the Sunnyhurst Woods FINALE next week, 24th June.  There's all to play for!

George Crawford-Smith - Series Co-ordinator.

Original information below here:

Midweek SCORE Series.  Event 3 of 4. 

This is the third event in the June Wednesday evening series designed for competition, practice and training.

Simple format - 21 controls - 7 easy, 7 medium and 7 hard.  Maxi = hard score course, Midi = medium score course.
Open to all abilities - novice, junior and adult competitors.
Turn up and go.

SEASONAL VEGETATION:  Long legwear is recommended as nettles and brambles are heading towards their seasonal high.

June SCORE Series Events:
Week: Date: Area: Location: Parking:
3 17th June Brun Valley
Burnley Queen's Park Rd
BB10 3LB

24th June Sunnyhurst
Darwen Earnsdale Rd, Darwen

There will be a league table for both Maxi and Midi courses.  Best 3 results out of 4 to win!

Brun Valley Forest Park is a mix of public trails through open spaces, young plantation and mature woodland.  The area is divided by the River Brun which now has an extra bridge for ease of crossing.  When the water level is low, the river can be forded at many places.

events location


Nearest town: Burnley
Grid Ref: SD851333
Postcode: BB10 3LB
Latitude: 53.79693
Longitude: -2.22793
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed in the area, but must be under control at all times.



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The Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815.,

The Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815.

Mature Woodland,

Mature Woodland

Youyng plantation,

Youyng plantation

In the heart of Burnley - The view from the top.,

In the heart of Burnley - The view from the top.

About the area/map

Brun Valley Forest Park

The mapped area comprises both the newly created Brun Valley Forest Park and the contiguous areas of Queen's Park, Thompson Park and the lanscaped Bank Hall Colliery site.  The parks and colliery have been used for orienteering for many years.  The larger part of the map is Brun Valley, which Burnley Borough have progressively opened up for public recreation in recent years.  Much of this area was originally coal mines, which have been reclaimed, landscaped and planted.  Woodland ranges from mature stands to young trees, which are now large enough to run through.  Established alder creates a maze of thickets within the young trees.

The River Brun bisects the map, running through Rowley Lake.  There ar few bridging points, though a new footbridge is planned for 2014.  Except at times of prolonged or heavy rain, the river is fordable through the shallows.  The tributaries are fordable at most points.

Read more about the Brun Valley Forest Park area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith