(4/4) Midweek Score, FINALE Towneley Colliery, Jun 27 2018

Date of event: Wed 27th Jun 18
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Towneley Colliery, Burnley


Simple results
Maxi course splits
Mini course splits

The series is over, done and dusted, finito .... all done bar the shouting!

Check below (in Downloadable Documents) to see who came out tops in the Best 3 of 4 League standings.
I've taken a few liberties by combining Mini & Maxi scores where both classes were run and made 'Zero' any negative scores.
Congratulations to Judith Wood (our club Chair) on MAXI for pipping the entire Ellis family into runer-up positions.
On MINI, father and son Frank and Darren (M10) Tweed finished ahead of Steve Beresford. But, had I not uplifted him to the Maxi rankings, Simon Sarginson would have carried away the Mini trophy. 
Well done all. 

The overall turnout was a bit disappointing at an average 21.5 competitive units per week.  However this compares to just 4 entries on the very first, very wet, June Score at Towneley Park in 2012.  Some progress.  Football fever or the hot weather with a lack of refreshing CO2 drinks may have reduced numbers.  Who can tell?

If anyone has any feedback or opinions on how we might change (improve?) the format please do let me know.  Adjustments can be made next year.

Now is the season for multi-day events at home or abroad!  Happy orienteering.  Go to it!

George Crawford-Smith - series co-ordinator.

Pre-event info below here:

Midweek SCORE Series.  Event 4 of 4.

This is the FINALE event in the June Wednesday evening series designed for competition, practice and training.

Simple format - See below for scoring rules:

  • MAXI (21 controls) = hard score course
  • MINI (14 controls) = medium score course

Open to all abilities - novice, junior and adult competitors.

Turn up and go.

Weeks: (4) FINALE Towneley Colliery.

events location


Nearest town: Towneley Colliery, Burnley
Grid Ref: SD847311
Postcode: BB11 3ED
Latitude: 53.77619
Longitude: -2.23260
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Bill Griffiths PFO
Organiser: Bridget Jardine PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

Dogs not allowed to run on courses.  However, they may be exercised after the event under strict control.  Doggy etiquette must be observed.


No toilets.

Downloadable Documents

Final June Score League standings for 2018.,


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith