(4/4) Sunnyhurst Woods, Jun 24 2015


Date of event: Wed 24th Jun 15
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Darwen


Sunnyhurst simple results (before amendments)
Sunnyhurst splits results (before amendments)

The June Score Series is now complete and the results are in.  These results do not show any score amendments for punching out of order, but there was only one this week, so everyone is getting the hang of the rules.  

Having 3 mini-score events (10s, followed by 15s, followed by 20s) enables us to make full use of some of our smaller areas.  Competitors have to go round 3 times for the MAXI (or twice for the MIDI) and have to decide when to abandon each mini-score before going up to the next level.  One competitor inadvertantly punched a 20 having only visited one 15, but then proceeded to be the only person to scoop all 7 20s.  Peter Stobbs, this week's winner, punched a 20 out of sequence but theen revisited it correctly later on.  He was therefore fined 20 points, but awarded 20 points too.

To sum up, the league table is all a bit of fun so don't be too despondent or cock-a-hoop depending on where you finished.  Obviously completing 3 events was the best way to score well.

Final League Table results now published in Downloadable Documents below.

Pre-event details bleow here:

Midweek SCORE Series.  Event 4 of 4. Finale.

This is the fourth and fianl event in the June Wednesday evening series designed for competition, practice and training.

Simple format - 21 controls - 7 easy, 7 medium and 7 hard.  Maxi = hard score course, Midi = medium score course.
Open to all abilities - novice, junior and adult competitors.
Turn up and go.

SEASONAL VEGETATION:  Long legwear is recommended as nettles and brambles are at their seasonal high.

June SCORE Series Events:
Week: Date: Area: Location: Parking:

24th June Sunnyhurst
Darwen Earnsdale Rd, Darwen

There will be a league table for both Maxi and Midi courses.  Best 3 results out of 4 to win!

Sunnyhurst Woods is a steep sided wooded valley with both formal and informal networks of paths.  

events location


Nearest town: Darwen
Grid Ref: SD851333
Postcode: BB3 1JA
Latitude: 53.70232
Longitude: -2.48577
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed in the area, but must be under control at all times.



Downloadable Documents

MAXI Score League Table - FINALE, MIDI Score League Table - FINALE,

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About the area/map

Sunnyhurst Woods

Sunnyhurst Wood was originally used for hunting but was later sold to a local mill owner.  Later as the cotton industry declined, and to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, the woods were given to the public and opened as a park in 1903.  

Today the 'park' is only 10% open spaces and 90% woodland (beech, oak and other native species, plus some conifer stands), which makes it excellent for orienteering.  After May, undergrowth can be thick in some parts, though other parts remain runnable all year.  There are paths in the valley bottom as well as terraced tracks high on the valley sides.  Steep paths and steps link the levels, though experienced orienteers will find other routes through the woodland. 

The area provides both easy orienteering along the many linking paths and technical orienteering should you choose to take the direct route.

Read more about the Sunnyhurst Woods area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith