Aitken Wood, Oct 4 2014

Windy and wet Start.

Date of event: Sat 04th Oct 14
Type of event: District (C)
Nearest town: Barley village, Nr Pendle Hill


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Planner's Comments:

'This was my first attempt at planning an O event and it has been a very steep learning curve; but with lots of guidance from Controller George I think we came up with courses which were enjoyable as well as challenging.
The lack of additional wall crossing points between the wood and the two moor sections created a challenge, but hopefully this did not detract too much from everyone's enjoyment. Judging by the favourable comments from runners at the finish, I think I achieved my objective of providing a good day out for all,

Tony Peacock PFO

Controller's Comments:

I was impressed with Tony's first planning efforts.  Control sites were accurately taped in good time, which made checking and finalising courses very easy.  With some changes to avoid dog-legs, all was completed in good time with no last minute panics.  A job well done and, by all accounts, well received.

Wendy stepped in as organiser and held the fort in Barley while the remaining helpers toughed it out in the onset of autumn.  Sorry about the weather - it had to happen one day.  Honestly it was sunny yesterday and sunny while we collected in.  Despite the weather we had a good turnout.  We lost some locals to Formby tomorrow, but gained some competitors from accross the Pennines who were on the way to Formby!  Thank you all fior coming.

One apology - we didn't calculate the map requirement for Yellow and Orange very well.  The event was particularly child friendly, because of the Sculpture Trail, and there was no White course.  Thanks to Tom for going to the Finish to commandeer some finisher's Yellow maps.  We managed.  Orange too was oversubscribed but only by one!  I hastiily drew the course onto a blank map (an old skill) and the day was saved. 

George Crawford-Smith PFO

Organiser's Comments:

We had a great turnout of competitors and as far as I know no complaints! Thanks to all who helped - especially Mike Fairburn who tended to the erratic sounding generator and Andy Robinson whose brute strength succeeded in releasing rusted fittings so we could re-construct the table. What a wonderful team!

Thanks too to Gillian & team for entries, Jim for Starts and Steve for helping collect and lightning quick results.

Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO


FINALE event in the Autumn Intro Series.  Suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts.  Courses available from Moderatly Easy to Very Technical standard.

We welcome young or old, female or male, walkers or runners, beginners or experts.  If you are new to the sport come and learn about orienteering - the "Sport for All".  

Aitken Wood has some very unusual features!  It's just possible you might find one of the Pendle Witch scultures in your travels.  The easiest course keeps to the witches trails through the woods, but do not hang about too long or stray from the path.  Young children should be accompanied by a fearless guardian.  

Harder courses make full use of the wood and open moorland to east and west.  

Note on Aitken Sculptures:  The sculptures vary from life size statues, to stainless steel tubework, to sawn tree trunks, to embelished root stocks and wood circles.  All are marked on the map with the Sculpture symbol - a tall isosceles triangle.

events location


Nearest town: Barley village, Nr Pendle Hill
Grid Ref:
Postcode: BB12 9JX
Latitude: 53.85858
Longitude: -2.27078
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Planner: Tony Peacock PFO
Organiser: Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses.  This is sheep country.


Barley Cafe and public toilets at the car park.

Pendle Inn for post event refreshments and meals.

Image Gallery

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Windy and wet Start.

Windy and wet Start.

Control 104 Crossing Point & Pendle Hill,

Control 104 Crossing Point & Pendle Hill

Witchfinder - on duty for PFO.,

Witchfinder - on duty for PFO.

Keeping an eye on you.,

Keeping an eye on you.

Control 141 Pit & Pendle Hill,

Control 141 Pit & Pendle Hill

About the area/map

Whitehough OEC & Aitken Wood

Whitehough Outdoor Education Centre, Aitken Wood and adjacent moorland.

Whitehough OEC is a mix of buildings, managed grounds, play and exercise equipment, plus rough reedy open ground and young plantations.

On the south slope Aitken Wood is mature mostly runnable coniferous woodland with thickets and complex semi-open areas.  On the north slope younger plantation is sparse in places and dense in others.

The moorland to the west and east of the woods crowns the ridge.  There are water courses, marshes, ditches, old walls, pits and evidence of some minor mineral extraction. 

Read more about the Whitehough OEC & Aitken Wood area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith