Brun Valley Forest Park, Mar 6 2016

PFO Welcomes you to Brun Valley.,

Date of event: Sun 06th Mar 16
Type of event: District (C)
Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs


Brun Valley Simple results (final)
Brun Valley Split results (final)

Provisional results have now been published.  The only changes necessary are to competitor names with the number of additional team members e.g. +1. +2, etc.  Times will not be changed.

Routegadget now published, though there is still a hold up with the official results for upload to BOF for ranking points.


Controller's comments:

It turned out to be a great day for orienteering, with some very fast times recorded on all courses.  George managed the planning well, with only one minor location correction and minimal course change suggestions from me.

There was a kerfuffle with the timed out crossing between the parks, which affected early starters.  Substitute boxes were deployed causing a delay of 20 minutes to first starts.  The correct boxes were then located in a shopping bag and were duly put in place.  Our mistake, our apologies.

There was a lot of post event discussion over maps which I take to mean the courses were challenging.  

Jim Mitchell PFO - Controller.


Planner's comments:

This is the first time we have incorporated all the contiguous open areas with Brun Valley Forest.  It created an interesting mix of terrain, starting with sprint/urban style navigation in the parks with traditional classic orienteering in Brun Valley to finish.   The main planning challenge is to make interesting route choices when there are so many paths.  I hope I achieved that in some measure with routes running across the grain, though quite a lot of path running is inevitable especially through narrow corridors.  Had the event been run a month later, leaves would be on the trees and lines of sight would have been much shorter.  Tougher all round.

One problem was the misplaced control 130 on Orange and Light Green (Earth bank, NW side).  It was in the middle of the miniature railway amphitheatre of operations between the station and the engine sheds.  Even though I'd cleared it with the station master the week before, they took it upon themselves to move it somewhere 'safer', not realising that competitors would still be aiming for the earth bank.  The kite was very visible so most sorted out the problem quickly and I don't think any runs were unduly spoiled.  However, we apologise for the inconvenience.  Race times have not been amended.

Judging by the mud, smiles and discussion, I'm sure you enjoyed the event.  Thank you for coming.  See you next time at Peel Park & the Coppice on 15th May.

Finally, to all the willing PFO helpers, a big thank you.  Bill, Hamish, Gillian, Wendy, Shirley, Judith, Andy, Tom, Tony, Christian, Mike, Trevor and Kevin.  Most got a run after the main cohort had passed.

George Crawford-Smith - Planner.

LOST PROPERTY:  Found near Registration - a wrist holder for control descriptions.  Containing Light Green control descriptions.  E-mail for return.


Pre-event information below here ....
The competition area runs along either bank of the River Brun and its tributaries and includes areas of parkland.  There will be a timed-out and marshalled road crossing on all courses.  The area is a varied mix of parkland and forest.  There is a patchwork of mature standing forest, old mine workings partly covered with regenerated young plantation, parkland and some contoured open areas.  There is a network of paths for public access.  Running speeds are likely to be high.

All courses will use an A3 1:7500 map.

Marshalled road crossings:  There are two main road crossings.  The first is on the route to the Start.  The second is a timed out section of all courses, crossing a busy main road and side road.
Marshals will be in place from 10:30 till 12:00.  For safety, juniors should start before 11:45 to take advantage of the marshals.  

Underpasses:  Within the competition area there is a canal underpass and a road underpass, which are shown on the map as mandatory crossing points.  These routes are quicker than the ill-advised alternatives of swimming or traffic dodging.

River crossing:  Fording the main river is not necessary to complete any course, all of which have been planned to use pedestrian bridges and underpasses.   At present, the main river level is seasonally high, but side streams can be forded with care at many points.

Miniature railway:  Sunday 6th March is the first day of operation this season (maximum train speed is 5 mph).  You may cross the tracks (40cm wide) but you must not run along them or tread on the rails.  There is one level crossing gate in a hedge gap.  For your own safety and others, if this is closed, you must find an alternative route and not vault the gate.

Boating lake:  The lake has been emptied for removal of flood silt.  If it is still empty on the day of the competition - do not cross.  The lake is marked as OOB on the map.  Use only the bridges and peripheral paths.

Spring bulbs:  Please avoid treading on spring bulbs.

Methane extraction system:  In some parts of the competition area south of the river, there are a few metal stand pipes and metal grates not marked on the map.  They should be avoided and not tampered with. 

Other users:  Brun Valley is popular with walkers, cyclists, horse riders, rail enthusiasts and children.  Please give way to other users.  All courses use one or more of the cul-de-sac vehicle access roads that run partway through the competition area, serving a few properties and small car parks.  Traffic is light and slow, but do take special care when running across or along these access roads. 

events location


Nearest town: Burnley, Lancs
Grid Ref: SD851334
Postcode: BB10 3LB
Latitude: 53.79697
Longitude: -2.22792
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Bill Griffiths PFO
Controller: Jim Mitchell PFO
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

Dogs are permitted under control in the car park.  Dogs are not permitted on courses.  You may exercise your dogs responsibly near to the car park before the event and in the competition area after your run.


Toilets on site.

Downloadable Documents

Brun Valley Risk Assessment.,

Image Gallery

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PFO Welcomes you to Brun Valley.,

PFO Welcomes you to Brun Valley.

Rowley Lake and runnable forest., GCS

Rowley Lake and runnable forest.

Brun Valley - young plantation., GCS

Brun Valley - young plantation.

Miniature railway Thompson Park, Google Images

Miniature railway Thompson Park

Miniature railway Thompson Park, Google Images

Miniature railway Thompson Park

Boating Lake Thompson Park, Google Images

Boating Lake Thompson Park

About the area/map

Brun Valley Forest Park

The mapped area comprises both the newly created Brun Valley Forest Park and the contiguous areas of Queen's Park, Thompson Park and the lanscaped Bank Hall Colliery site.  The parks and colliery have been used for orienteering for many years.  The larger part of the map is Brun Valley, which Burnley Borough have progressively opened up for public recreation in recent years.  Much of this area was originally coal mines, which have been reclaimed, landscaped and planted.  Woodland ranges from mature stands to young trees, which are now large enough to run through.  Established alder creates a maze of thickets within the young trees.

The River Brun bisects the map, running through Rowley Lake.  There ar few bridging points, though a new footbridge is planned for 2014.  Except at times of prolonged or heavy rain, the river is fordable through the shallows.  The tributaries are fordable at most points.

Read more about the Brun Valley Forest Park area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith