Calf Hey, Haslingden, Sep 21 2013

Mixed open moor and forest.,

Date of event: Sat 21st Sep 13
Type of event: District (C)
Nearest town: Haslingden, Lancashire.


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Controller's Report:

Jim's planning was superb - everything in place and not a single course criticism.  Judging by the comments at the finish everyone enjoyed their challenge, including the Sprint-O finish amongst the vagueries of the spoils.    

Take a look at Routegadget, especially Blue 4->5 and 5->6.  Also Green 2->3.  Which way did you go, or which way would you have gone?  Please add your routechoice to Routegadget for the benefit of others.

The new map was well received, though a couple of niggles need to be addressed.  There could be a stream bend missing and a ditch and marsh to add. 

You will have noticed the North West Junior Squad (NWJS) in action around the forest.  We were able to offer a free control placing service, so they were very happy take up our offer.  If you were overtaken by them, I'm not surprised, as this squad is composed of the fastest and most promising young orienteers in the NW.  Their final exercise was a relay event around the open fields - mostly compass work and quick thinking.  Oh, and they offered a free control collecting service, so we were happy to take them up on their offer.  Some NWJS mums and dads are numbered in our results, so thank you to all for making it a grand day out for all.

Thank you to both Jim and Andrew for their flawless work.  Also thanks to Steve WIlson for managing the SI Results and Routegadget and posting both before I got home!

See you all next PFO Level C at Dean Clough on December 8th.

George Crawford-Smith PFO - Controller

Lost & Found:  One Thermos drinks bottle 500ml.  Tell me the colour and you can have it back! (


Organiser's Report:

The event went entirely according to plan and we received really positive feedback from the runners (some of whom had travelled from as far afield as North Wales).
Having the use of the cabin at the side of the café - with heating, lighting and mains electricity – really helped. The café owner was delighted with the boost to trade and she has invited us back to re-use those facilities.
Club helpers made my life much easier and made sure that everyone who wanted to run, got a run.  The parking arrangements just held out.  At one point there was only one spare parking place but early runners started leaving to relieve the situation.
The event was successful in many ways - so our thanks are due to all the competitors and to PFO helpers alike.
Andrew Robinson PFO - Organiser.


Below here is the original event information: 


This event will be on Saturday 21st September 2013.  Not 22nd as previously advertised on the BOF website, though now corrected (18/8/13).

Pre-entry details below.

This is a classic long distance orienteering event, with fast running through much of the area.  However, the slopes above the reservoir are steep in places contributing to greater climb and shorter courses.

Built in 1860, Calf Hey is the upper reservoir of three in the glaciated Haslingden Grane valley.  The competition area includes a good path network around the reservoir, technical conifer and beech woodland on the flanks of the valley, and open moorland on the tops.  Here there is a complex mix of pits, knolls, marshes and ruins left by old quarry workings.

The map shown here is the previous version.  The new 2013 map includes updates to woodland runnability and the addition of many new features.  Longer courses will visit peviously unused parts of the competition area. 

WARNING:  The car park is on the opposite side of the main road to the competition area.  The road crossing en route to the start and back from the finish will be manned, but we recommend that young children are accompanied.

events location


Nearest town: Haslingden, Lancashire.
Grid Ref: SD750231
Postcode: BB4 4AT
Latitude: 53.70390
Longitude: -2.37839
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Planner: Jim Mitchell PFO
Organiser: Andrew Robinson PFO
Controller: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Contact: General enquiries -

Info for dog owners

No dogs - this is sheep farming country.  Dogs are allowed at parking under close control.


Cafe and public toilets.

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Mixed open moor and forest.,

Mixed open moor and forest.

Runnable tracks and forest.,

Runnable tracks and forest.

Calf Hey Reservoir and forest.,

Calf Hey Reservoir and forest.

About the area/map

Calf Hey

Calf Hay is a typical Lancastrian water catchment area with a mix of grazing land, forest and rough open moorland.  Old ruins, tracks and quarry workings from a past industrial age add interesting features to the area.  This gives rise to some fast running coupled with complex navigation approaching control sites.  Steep-sided water catchment ravines are difficult to cross and compromise route choice.

Read more about the Calf Hey area and map


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Posted by Steve Wilson