Marsden Park, Nelson, May 18 2013

MicrO composite map of Short, Medium & Long legs.,

Date of event: Sat 18th May 13
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Nelson, Lancashire


Results (including splits)

MicrO Planner's Comments ........

Steady rain transformed tracks into mudslides, flagstones to skating rinks and thickets into Amazonian jungle.  A recipe for comedy or tragedy in equal measure.

The MicrO course was a set of three legs (Short-Medium-Long) taken in sequence that could be terminated after completion of any leg.  Most opted to do all 3 with some terminating after the Medium leg.  Each leg was progressively harder, longer and steeper than the previous.  Competitors decarled that this was good feature of the challenge and that, despite the damp conditions, they had has 'fun'.  My predicted winning time of 40 minutes was, in the conditions, a bit optimistic with 50 minutes being nearer the mark.  The results are up - see how the runners and riders performed.  Congratulations to Andy and commiserations to Hannah.  See composite map of all 3 legs.

One lady competitor did declare that "I never want to see another thicket again".  Our need to secure controls and SI boxes to control features necessitated controls to be fixed to the trunk of rhododendron bushes, which are not always easy to get to.  In my defence, the control description was "Thicket, inside N,S,E or W part".

The weather unfortunately detered any wheelchair athletes from taking part, so Mike Fairburn offered to "walk the course" to prove the Emit technology.  Once out of the door one's mind-set changes, and Mike was seen running in a very competitive manner!

Thanks are due all round:  to regular PFO helpers - Gillian, Carole, Helen, Hannah, Wendy, Mike, Jim - without whom events like this would not take place,  to Steve Wilson for posting the results, and to our competitors for not being detered by the poor conditions.

George Crawford-Smith PFO - MicrO planner.


Pre-event details below here.

PFO are committed to helping develop orienteering for disabled athletes.

The event is in 2 parts:  

  • Introductory course for wheelchair users and other disabled athletes, using the main path network, which is ideal for wheelchair access.  Navigational help and assistance will be provided by PFO members.  Emit timing.
  • For regular orienteers there will be three MicrO courses in a sprint formatinvolving more technical terrain with more difficult route choices.  The courses should be run in sequence (Short -> Medium -> Long) to create a course of 4.1km with 145m climb, but can be run separately too.  SportIdent timing.  The 2013 map of Marsden Park is draw to ISSOM standards at a scale of 1:2500.  There are different levels and many uncrossable walls, crags, hedges and fences that add interest to route choice at speed.  
  • Come and practice your sprint technique in this beautiful park.


events location


Nearest town: Nelson, Lancashire
Grid Ref: SD878381
Postcode: BB9 8BW
Latitude: 53.83911
Longitude: -2.18576
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Introductory course: Hamish Willis PFO. MicrO: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: - for general enquiries.

Info for dog owners

No dogs on courses, please. 
However, dogs are permitted in the park under close control.  Please clear up - bins provided.


Toilets at Registration.

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MicrO composite map of Short, Medium & Long legs.,

MicrO composite map of Short, Medium & Long legs.

About the area/map

Marsden Park, Nelson

Marsden Park in Nelson is a well maintained public park which includes a lot of orienteering features.  There are numerous paths and tracks.

Off track, most of the park is fast runnable terrain but there are numerous areas of thicket and hedges that add interest and route choice.  The park is divided by a deep valley with many contour and water features.

The 2013 map is drawn to ISSOM standards at a scale of 1:2500.  There are numerous uncrossable features in the park including hedges, crags, walls and fences.  There are several levels in the park divided by uncrossable walls.

Read more about the Marsden Park, Nelson area and map


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Posted by Steve Wilson