Pendle Hill, Barley, Dec 6 2015

Ogden Clough - part of the competition area., GCS

Date of event: Sun 06th Dec 15
Type of event: District (C)
Nearest town: Barley village, near Pendle Hill


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DESMOND came and went.  We cancelled our previous night's NWNL event out of respect for weather forecasters and the safety of hardy NW Night League competitors.  We are glad we did as conditions on the hill would have risked hypothermia for anyone injured or lost, with extremely difficult search & rescue to follow.  
We will find a date for the re-run - provisionally 16th January 2016.


Controller's comments:

What a weekend!  The original plan was to put out controls on Saturday daytime for both our night and day events.  With the night cancellation our plan changed.  Max Cole (planner) and I made a Saturday inspection of the day area, especially the Ogden Clough river and stream crossings.  Even having made some crossings we could not predict the morrow's river level.  It depended on the forecast overnight rain.  Inspection this morning, while putting out controls at 6:00AM, we decided to run the courses unchanged as the crossings were tricky but not dangerous.

Pendle orienteering is more about route choice than fine navigation.  Some competitors got round cleanly, but I heard many tales of overshooting, undershooting, too high and too low on one or more controls.  Relocation can be very tricky in this apparently featurless expanse.  There were no complaints about control placement, which benefitted from the new georeferenced map and precise control placement confirmed by GPS.  Made my job easy!

Max's courses got the best out of the area and I particularly liked his Black course that attracted some very competent and fast competitors.  His courses received high praise from many smiling competitors.  Well done Max for all your leg work, before, during and after the event. 

Unfortunately there were fewer than 10 BOF registered members running the Black and Brown courses, so no ranking points are generated for these courses.

Next time, we'll start higher, go higher and treat you to the intricacies of the peat hags.

Event photos below.

Planner's comments to follow:

Organiser's comments:

A big thank you to all competitors for having faith in the dry and bright forecast and turning out on the day-after the horrendous night-before. 

Thanks too to all the PFO stalwarts for giving up your time to help.  Gillian, Carole and Hamish for registration, Tony for parking duties, Judith and Andrew for safety check, Jim. Helen and Alice for manning the Start.  Also Kath & Mike, Peter and Trevor for control collecting.  And, of course Max for his excellent courses.

The PFO Junior cake and preserves stall netted £85 (+£30 post-event jam sales), which will go towards funding their training excursions though the year.  Much appreciated.  Thanks to Maureen for masterminding this.

See you again at our next event - 16th Jan, re-run of the cancelled night event at the Nick O'Pendle.


Pre-event information below here:

News flash 4/12/15 15:50:  This event will go ahead as planned despite the cancellation of the night event on the previous evening.  
The peak of the passing storm coincides exactly with the time and location of the night event with heavy rain and gales forecast.  By Sunday morning the weather will be much improved with sunshine and moderate winds.


The competition area is centred on Ogden Clough including Pendle Hill and parts of the Nick O'Pendle for the longer courses.

The map has been completely refreshed in 2015 with the benefit of Lidar.  Many contour features have been corrected and new detail added.

Pendle Hill is a very popular and well known area for walkers and runners.  There are many paths but also many areas where few people ever go.  The terrain is generally runnable with undergrowth at a minimum at this time of year. The moorland is exposed with peat hag details on the tops, plus rock, mining and contour features on the escarpments.  

River safety:  Courses Yellow to Blue cross the main river.  There are two bridges which must be used if water levels are high.  Brown, Black and Blue courses only will cross this river at natural fording points.  Watch for notices at Registration for notification about river crossing. 

WEATHER & EQUIPMENT:  This is December!!  Winter weather and poor visibility may be the order of the day, with additional wind-chill at all altitudes.   All courses cross exposed terrain.
The Controller has determined that WHISTLES and WATERPROOF JACKETS are MANDATORY and must be worn or carried.  Hats, gloves, additional thermal layers and waterproof trousers may also be necessary.  BE PREPARED.

The PFO Junior Cake Stall will be in attendance.  See "Facilities" below.

events location


Nearest town: Barley village, near Pendle Hill
Grid Ref:
Postcode: BB12 9JX
Latitude: 53.85860
Longitude: -2.27021
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Max Cole PFO
Organiser: Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

This is sheep country - no dogs on courses. 
Dogs welcome under control in the village.  There are many dog walking routes in the village and on public rights of way near the car park


Toilets, cafe, pub and restaurant all within a short walking distance of the car park.  Swings and play equipment nearby.

The PFO Junior Cake Stall will be in attendance.  Please bring your cake & home-made jam donations to sell and bring your money with which to buy.. Proceeds go to PFO junior training fund.

Image Gallery

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Ogden Clough - part of the competition area., GCS

Ogden Clough - part of the competition area.

Upper Ogden dam seen from the Finish., GCS

Upper Ogden dam seen from the Finish.

Control 147 Pit - on Orange, Light Green & Blue, GCS

Control 147 Pit - on Orange, Light Green & Blue

Billy Cole finishes the Yellow in 52:48, GCS

Billy Cole finishes the Yellow in 52:48

Blue sky., GCS

Blue sky.

All done., GCS

All done.

About the area/map

Pendle Hill East

Pendle Hill East, including Ogden Clough, Fell Wood and Pendle Hill summit.  The map shown is the extract used for 3rd Feb 2013 event.

In 2012 the original 1995 map was updated into OCAD, bringing the map up to current competition standards.  Not much of the open moorland has changed in the intervening years but map alterations have been made with the addition of new stock fences and associated crossing points, some additions to the path network and major changes to the runnability of Fell Wood.  There are numerous sheep tracks, incidental paths and quadbike tracks which are not shown.  Use them when you find them!

A major characteristic of the moor top is the peaty soil giving rise to deep and sinuous channels, with wet slow-running ground in between.  Fine navigation hereabouts can be testing.

Both Ogden Clough and the summit plateau are bounded by extremely steep escarpments.

Read more about the Pendle Hill East area and map


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith