Senior Home International, Relays, Sep 9 2018

Warm-up circuits before the Women's Relay start, GCS

Date of event: Sun 09th Sep 18
Type of event: National (B)
Nearest town: Hurstwood, Burnley


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England Team Manager's report detailing the SHI Individual and Relay competitions, from the competitor's point of view, and the overall team result, can be found here.

Planner's comments - SHI Relays:

I wanted to give a sense of theatre using the same Assembly area. The area W of the reservoir is not difficult, but the downhill stretch through the woodland had just enough content to give an interesting high-speed change of pace from the tough dunes, and the uphill exit past the waiting runners integrated the routing nicely, leaving a short last loop in the dunes to the finish.  Courses used two sections each of three forks, with a common control between the sections at M152 and W158. Due to the high visibility, I limited common running to single legs where possible, before splitting them again, with just a common central loop section in the dunes early on. Despite a 5% climb ratio for Men and 4% for Women, the leading runners were round in under 40 mins, again very impressive. Feedback at the finish appeared positive on the gaffling used, which was nice to hear, and I feel the Relays worked well in their beautiful setting.

Lastly, I’d like to thank NWOA and PFO for giving me fantastic support for these two SHI days. Huge thanks to everyone involved.

Martin Wilson (BKO) – Planner.


Please see Organisers report on the SHI Individual results webpage.


Pre-event info below here:


SHI = Senior Home International

This is a closed event for international relay teams of 3 representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Each country fields 3 men's teams (comprising 2 x M21E & 1 x M20E) and 3 women's teams (comprising 2 x W21E & 1 x W20E). 

See also L'Etape du SHI Relays (open to all) immediately following the SHI relay conclusion.

events location


Nearest town: Hurstwood, Burnley
Grid Ref: SD881313
Postcode: BB10 3LF
Latitude: 53.78132
Longitude: -2.18561
Google Map (aerial) - Bing Map (OS)


Planner: Martin Wilson BKO
Organiser: Helen Ashton PFO
Controller: Tony Thornley AIRE
Contact: For general enquiries -

Info for dog owners

This is sheep country.  Absolutely no dogs in the competition area.



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Warm-up circuits before the Women's Relay start, GCS

Warm-up circuits before the Women's Relay start

Megan Carter-Davis (W) leads the mass start, GCS

Megan Carter-Davis (W) leads the mass start

Runnable woodland, GCS

Runnable woodland

MCD first into the 'dunes', GCS

MCD first into the 'dunes'

Crossing point - Fellbaum (E) ahead of Wilson (S), GCS

Crossing point - Fellbaum (E) ahead of Wilson (S)

Darren Burke at the crossing point, GCS

Darren Burke at the crossing point

Alex & Fred Carcass (S) lead Matt Fellbaum (E), GCS

Alex & Fred Carcass (S) lead Matt Fellbaum (E)


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith