Snook-O 1, Wilson Field Woods, Nov 15 2014

Wilson Field - clearing, reentrant, path, runnable,

Date of event: Sat 15th Nov 14
Type of event: Other
Nearest town: Clayton-le-Moors, Accrington.


Wilson Field score sheet - Long course (9 Reds)
Wilson Field score sheet - Short course (6 Reds)
Wilson Field Results - Long & Short courses.

Next Week: 
Hopefully we'll see many of you again next week.  Exactly the same format of Snook-O event but at Peel Park, Accrington.  It will be more physical!  Details here.
There will be a mini-league table of Wilson Field and Peel Park.  Winner takes all!

Wilson Field comments:

Everyone seemed to enjoy the area and the format.  There was debate about overall strategy to maximise one's score and, therefore, which Red-Colour combinations to go for.  Most people were pleased just to get round, muddy but happy.  It was good to see a spread of clubs represented at this event.  PFO was under represented as most of our juniors and several adults were away for BSOC at Ilkley.

Due to the unusual scoring system of Snook-O there is quite a lot of manual intervention needed to derive the final results and standings.  In these Final Results, when compared to the preliminary results, some competitors have been elevated and some demoted.  The forensic eye of the Chief Referee has applied some adjustments based on the strict rules of snooker.
Snook-O is a bit of fun and bit of practice and there are no ranking points to quibble over, therefore, with so many ifs and buts in trying to correct for the 118 error (see below), we've simply let the scores stand (with minor adjustments), rather than void the whole course.

Short Course Results (6 Reds):
To our surprise most competitors opted to do the Snook-O Short course rather than the Long course.  We only just had enough maps to cope.
All Short course competitors returned to base in less than one hour so all scores counted, with no 60 minute cut-off necessary.  Could you have done more Red-Black combinations to maximise your score?
Short Course top scorer was Matthew Cochrane with a clean sweep of 6 Reds followed by 6 Blacks and then Yellow to Black all in 40 minutes.  Well done!

Long Course Results (9 Reds):
Control 118 was placed on the wrong thicket!  Therefore we have inspected of routes, control choices and lapsed times in order to make fair amendments to the preliminary results to derive the Final Results. 
The Final Results table shows these 'corrections'.  Notably John Embrey HOC and Paul Turner SELOC have been credited with 118 thus scoring the maximum of 99 points.  Daren Baker was the only competitor to visit all controls in the correct order (including 118) within the time limit, but he had chosen a Pink earlier in the course, so his maximum was 98.  Others were credited for 118, but some others have been demoted through having broken the rules of snooker.

A good run out was had by all, with a bit of extra brain work required.

George Crawford-Smith - Organiser.

Notes from the Planner and Chief Referee:

Mea culpa - I'd like to apologise:  Control 118 (only on the Long course) was placed on the wrong thicket.  This had many Long course competitors scurrying round in vain, while others chanced upon it.  On a score event, unlike a line event, we cannot remove the leg before and the leg after 118 as all competitors are doing different combinations of controls.

In general terms, the Long course competitors seemed to understand the rules better than those who did the Short course, with only two competitors visiting controls more times than they should.  In both instnces that was down to me having put 118 in the wrong place.
Julie Laverock had re-visited 119 (the nearest Red) when she couldn't find 118, but then subsequently dibbed 118 on her way through the colours.  I have therefore docked 1 point from her for that, but she did take 15 mins from Black to 119 so had obviously spent a lot of time searching.  I have therefore not penalised her for going over time which adds back some colour scores.
John Nuttall took 15 mins or so going from 107 to 117, so I've assumed he spent a while trying to find 118.  Taking 15 mins off his time still doesn't mean he completed everything with the required 60 mins, but his penalties have been reduced somewhat.
Darren Baker, has had a few controls removed (Y G B) because he 'started again' when he found 118.  I've adjusted his time to reduce it to compensate.
Paul Turner / John Embrey have both been compensated with an additional point to allow for 118 that they could not find.

Andy Ellis - Planner.


Original event information below here:

Saturday Morning Orienteering for competition, practice and training.  Event 1 of 2.

Practice your navigation skills, especially compass work, at one or both of our events.  Each week there are Snook-O Score courses suitable for Juniors and Adults.

Event Format:
The format is Snook-O.  As with snooker, pot a Red - Colour - Red - Colour etc, then Yellow to Black to finish.

Next Snook-O event:
Peel Park, Accrington, 22nd November.


events location


Nearest town: Clayton-le-Moors, Accrington.
Grid Ref: SD750318
Postcode: BB5 5SF
Latitude: 53.78260
Longitude: -2.37981
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Planner: Andy Ellis PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Controller: N/a
Contact: For general enquiries -

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Wilson Field - clearing, reentrant, path, runnable,

Wilson Field - clearing, reentrant, path, runnable

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Wilson Field

Wilson Field is a community sports ground and athletics venue for Hyndburn local authority.

The surrounding woodland is mostly 20 year old plantation which is now matured and easy to run through.  There are sections of older woodland, some formally laid with a path network and others parts with rough tracks and woodland thickets.

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