Snook-O 2, Peel Park & Coppice, Nov 22 2014

Peel Park & the Copice - area map.,

Date of event: Sat 22nd Nov 14
Type of event: Other
Nearest town: Accrington, Lancs


Score sheet for Peel Park - Long & Short courses.
Results for Peel Park - Long & Short courses
League Results for Wilson Field + Peel Park - Long & Short courses.

Planner's comments:

What a great day it turned out to be.

When putting out controls the mist was down over the top of the moor and visibility was 50m.  It would have made a big navigational difference but by the time the event got underway it had lifted, and as the day progressed the weather got brighter and sunnier.

Another good turnout ensuring good head-to-head competition.  Congratulations to Elaine Sutton DEE (75) for topping the Short course leader board.  Both Liam Corner MDOC (99) and Darren Baker DEE (99) scored maximum breaks but Liam took less time and is therefore declared the day winner.

Over the two events the league table is (of course) dominated by those who competed both weeks.  Congratulations to Elaine Sutton DEE and Jim Mitchell PFO who both scored 133, though Elaine's combined time was shorter, so is awarded the top spot.  In the Long competition Darren Baker DEE amassed 197 out of a possible 198 and is therefore our overall League Champion.  

Thumbs up from many competitors for the Snook-O format, which requires the usual orienteering skills plus a lot of thinking, especially from those who cannot reach the maximum score.  Maybe we need a rethink on how to stretch the fastest competitors.  Perhaps the Short course should have been 45 mins rather than 60 mins. Also, on reflection, for Peel Park we should have used more of the mapped area and placed 107 (Black) in woodland with reduced visibility rather than in the open, as there was an inevitable cluster of competitors at this top scoring control.

Big thanks are due to Andy Ellis for masterminding the scoring system and the spreadsheet which takes the labour out of calculating the final results.

Snook-O is a great way to make a small area much bigger.  I have no doubt we will repeart the Snook-O format in 2015, perhaps in place of our June mid-week Score format.  Watch this space.

George Crawford-Smith - planner.


Original event details below here:

Saturday Morning Orienteering for competition, practice and training.  Event 2 of 2.

Practice your navigation skills, especially compass work, at one or both of our events.  Each week there are Snook-O Score courses suitable for Juniors and Adults.

Event Format:
The format is Snook-O.  As with snooker, pot a Red - Colour - Red - Colour etc, then Yellow to Black to finish.

If you'd like to know more about how Snook-O works then read last Saturday's results for Wilson Field.  See who is top of the leader board - can you beat them?


events location


Nearest town: Accrington, Lancs
Grid Ref:
Postcode: BB5 6HF
Latitude: 53.75923
Longitude: -2.35168
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Andy Ellis PFO
Controller: N/a
Contact: For general enquiries -

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No dogs on courses, though they may be freely walked after your run.



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Peel Park & the Copice - area map.,

Peel Park & the Copice - area map.


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Posted by George Crawford-Smith