Sunnyhurst Woods, Mar 9 2013

Date of event: Sat 09th Mar 13
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Earnsdale Rd, Darwen, near Blackburn.


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Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen.  Level D event suitable for all levels of ability.

Cath Wilson and Andy Ellis are running a monthly series of Coaching Sessions this spring for PFO and SELOC members.  The second of these is immediately following today's Sunnyhurst event.  For more details see

Sunnyhurst woods flank both sides of a valley with streams joining the main beck.  The woodland is a mix of mature beech with younger deciduous and coniferous area.  Undergrowth is dense in places (especially later in the year) but clear in others.  Be aware of recently felled beech trees (not shown on the map) that may alter your route choice. 

There are undulating paths at different levels around the valley with steep connecting paths or, for the more adventurous, direct routes through.

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Nearest town: Earnsdale Rd, Darwen, near Blackburn.
Grid Ref: SD681230
Postcode: BB3 1JA
Latitude: 53.70267
Longitude: -2.48478
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Planner: Katy Thompson PFO
Organiser: Bill Griffiths PFO
Controller: Helen Smethurst PFO
Contact: T: 01706 876984 E:

Info for dog owners

Dogs are permitted in the competition area under control.  The Controller will advise if dogs are permitted on courses.


There are no facilities at Registration.

About the area/map

Sunnyhurst Woods

Sunnyhurst Wood was originally used for hunting but was later sold to a local mill owner.  Later as the cotton industry declined, and to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, the woods were given to the public and opened as a park in 1903.  

Today the 'park' is only 10% open spaces and 90% woodland (beech, oak and other native species, plus some conifer stands), which makes it excellent for orienteering.  After May, undergrowth can be thick in some parts, though other parts remain runnable all year.  There are paths in the valley bottom as well as terraced tracks high on the valley sides.  Steep paths and steps link the levels, though experienced orienteers will find other routes through the woodland. 

The area provides both easy orienteering along the many linking paths and technical orienteering should you choose to take the direct route.

Read more about the Sunnyhurst Woods area and map


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Posted by Steve Wilson