THURS NIGHT [3]: Towneley Park, Nov 21 2013

Date of event: Thu 21st Nov 13
Type of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Burnley, Lancashire


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A small but dedicated group of night owls plunged into the rhododendrons ...... some with powerful illumination and others with feeble candles in a jar.  Either way, quite tricky at night.

Finish line discussion on control picks and route choices was interesting to listen to.  At least one competitor went back out to try one or two missed controls a second time.  That's dedication.

The League table after 2 events out of 3 looks like this:

November Score Series League Table
Name Club Marl
Judith Wood PFO 2nd 1st 1st
Peter Stobbs Trawden
3rd 2nd 2nd
Helen Yeomans PFO 4th 3rd 3rd

Apologies to our Yellow+ novices who had trouble near the end of their course as the controls were further off the path than they had become used to.  More Orange standard than Yellow.  I know you both enjoyed the challenge despite that.   And you are in the lead in the Yellow League table!

Hope to see you at Clowbridge East next Thursday 28th November.  Open fell with scattered trees and a multitude of contour features.  The Score course will provide excellent practice for the NWNL.  Or there's both a Yellow (paths and fences) and an Orange (off-path and off-fence) to chose between.  ALL WELCOME - bring a friend!


Below here - original event information:

Thursday Night Series of Night Orienteering for competition, practice and training.  Open to all.

In anticipation of the night orienteering season that is about to commence**, practice your night navigation skills at one or more of our events.  Each week there is a night novices introductory course (Yellowish standard) and a harder expert's course that increases in difficulty and duration as the series progresses.

** NWNL (North West Night League) starts 30th November.)

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Nearest town: Burnley, Lancashire
Grid Ref:
Postcode: BB11 3QT
Latitude: 53.77194
Longitude: -2.22808
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Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO
Organiser: Bill Griffiths PFO
Controller: N/A
Contact: For general enquiries -

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Townley Park, Burnley

Towneley Park near the centre of Burnley is large and varied, with Towneley House and visitor centre as the centrepiece.  The area is crossed by formal paths in the open areas and informal paths through rough scrub, rhododendrons and semi-mature plantations that surround the playing fields and two golf courses.  There are a lot of water features, streams, ditches, ponds, marshes and the main river.  Don't be surprised if you encounter a deep ravine, a tunnel, a memorial or a route choice through a building.  Winning times are usually fast.

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Posted by George Crawford-Smith