Anytime Orienteering

MapRun phone app

MapRun phone app
Credit: British Orienteering

Last Updated: Thu 22 Feb 2024

Anytime Orienteering courses are ones where you can take part at anytime when it is convenient for yourself.

Some make use of the MapRun App which can be downloaded for either Android and iOS and there are no physical controls on the ground., others are Permanent Orienteering courses in local parks which make use of fixed posts with orienteering markers attached whilst some others are just based upon a paper map.

There will be different ways that you can participate in "Virtual Orienteering", in some instances each course will be available in different formats. The events will use a variety of different map styles ranging from conventional orienteering maps, OpenOrienteeringMap maps or OS maps.

MapRun events

These events make use of the MapRun App on a mobile phone. Your phone will beep & vibrate when you get to the control site.
Our events can be found in the UK/Lancashire folder on the Maprun server.
You can either navigate using the map on your mobile phone or print off a paper map.
Once you have completed your run your results will get automatically uploaded to a server and you can download your GPS track to then upload into the corresponding Routegadget event as described above.

More details can be found via the Maprun Orienteering course link on this page.

Here is a brief overview of using MapRun

Lamp Post Orienteering

Details of a number of 'Lamp-post' orienteering courses can be found here

Permanent Orienteering Courses

Details of PFO's Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs) can be found here.