Gawthorpe Hall - Permanent Orienteering Course

Last Updated: Wed 24 Jun 2020

You can now try the Permanent Orienteering Courses at Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham using an App on you mobile phone (the App only works on Android at the moment though). These courses will soon be converted to use Maprun so that they will be available to both iOS and Android users.

For anyone who wants to try orienteering with an app, the 3 courses at Gawthorpe Hall which use the permanent orienteering course markers have been set up within an Orienteering app.

This means you can use the course and your phone will beep when you are close to the next control. You also get a copy of the map on your phone

Here's what you need to do to make this work ....

From the comfort of your own home, do these things :

1) Download the free version of the 'GPS Orienteering' app from the app store.

2) Download the map using the code 0tc1kuvp

3) Download the 3 courses.

Unfortunately the app doesn't allow us to enter control descriptions, so if you want these you can also download the PDFs of these courses from the PFO web site here Permanent Orienteering Courses

When you're at Gawthorpe Hall, you don't need mobile data on or anything like that, just turn the GPS on on your device.

Start the app - it takes about 30 seconds for it to start picking up GPS data so while it's doing that it says 'Waiting for GPS'.

Select your course and select 'Run Course'.

The start and end points are the same for all courses - they are by the ornate black metal gate with GG on it.

Sometimes the app doesn't register your location immediately, especially under tree cover, so if you're sure you're at the control location and your phone hasn't beeped, then just click on the control icon on the app and it will force an update and should beep for you (assuming you're at the right spot !).