Jim Mitchell’s A-Z of Orienteering

Last Updated: Wed 6 Feb 2019

Compiled [with tongue firmly in cheek] by Jim Mitchell.

A is for Ae [Scottish 6-Days,1991] Surely the shortest map name ever! [Followed by Bin [Scottish1983], Caw [Lakes2010-advert!],etc, etc.]

B is for Bishop Wood, Selby. If you like muddy paths and bramble-choked ditches, this is the place for you.

C is for Chapel House. Renamed Simpson Ground, to fool people into going, thinking it was a new [less grotty] area!

D is for Docharn and Deishar. One of the UK's best areas.

E is for Ecclesall. Fine if you like navigating with a map containing hundreds of paths.

F is for Formby. Always worth a visit, even though the useable areas on the map seem to get less with each visit!

G is for Great Tower. Forever associated with the late-lamented Gerry Charnley.

H is for Hardcastle Crags. One of EPOC's best areas. Pity we only get to run in a small part of it.

I is for Ilkley Moor. Event in February. Don’t be bah't 'at!

J is for Jerusalem Farm. A small, challenging PC in my neck of the woods.

K is for Kilnsey. Great AIRE area, but mind that crag!

L is for Lyme Park. Visited 25 times by yours truly, thanks largely to MDOC's summer evening events.

M is for Marsden Moor. 'There's ditch number 25. My control should be on the next one'

N is for Newborough [Anglesey] Terrific area, but the brambles are coming!

O is for Ogden. Always associated with the late Ivor Noot.

P is for Penmachno. A Welsh forest last visited in 1979 and [thankfully!] never since.

Q is for Queen's Forest, Cairngorm. Handily placed on Glenmore Lodge's doorstep.

R is for Rishworth Moor. A typical EPOC Pennine area, but not as bad as some I could [and will!] name.

S is for Simon's Seat. An AIRE area, seemingly full of waist-high heather, which some folk don't mind. PS I do! [One of my 'don't go again' areas, along with Bishop Wood and Anglezarke]

T is for Tockholes, our premier area. Recently voted Lancashire's best.

U is for Upper Fell Greave, a minute EPOC area. I once visited 'Brick,W.side.' in a Christmas fun event!

V is for Valley of Desolation. Another AIRE area, close to Simon's Seat. Enough said!

W is for Wombwell, a brilliant, runnable SYO area. One of my favourites.

X is for X-ray. Required to test my brain for signs of insanity if I ever go to Anglezarke, Bishop Wood, or Simon's Seat again.

Y is for Yateholme. Awful wood, grotty moor. Otherwise, now't up wi' it![sorry, EPOC]

Z is for Zero points, scored if you failed to complete a Scottish 6-day course. In the new system, if you get disqualified or don't start[!],you get one more point than the last genuine finisher[eg58]Much better than zero, isn’t it?.....Isn't it???