Other formats of Anytime Orienteering courses

Last Updated: Mon 7 Sep 2020

In addition to the MaprunF and Permanent Orienteering courses, there are also a small number of courses available to run anytime.

Simple paper based courses.

1. Bathtime! Short OS map based course to north of Marl Pits. 18th May -The feature at CTRL 6 has been removed, but the location should be obvious.

2. Bromley Cross One. OS based course around Jumbles Res

3. Hapton One. OS based course around Hapton

4. Hapton Two. OS based course around Hapton

5. Hapton Three. OS based course around Hapton

6. Hapton Four. OS based course around Hapton

7. Hapton Five. OS based course around Hapton. Clue sheet for control locations.

8. Egerton One. OS based course to East of Delph Res

'No Results' Routegadget events

These events will be set up in Routegadget
You can select an Event, upload a GPS file, manually enter your time to complete and therefore share your results with others.
You will also be able to print off a paper map of the course, details will be in the table below.

The following 'no results' Routegadget events have been set up:

  1. Lockdown Cloughfold 1
  2. Lockdown Maprun Rstall Two