Spring Wood, Whalley map




Spring Wood is an area of managed woodland near Whalley.

Spring Wood is a traditional orienteering wood comprising runnable woodland set on a steepening hillside with small quarries and outcrops around the top of the hill.

There is contour detail from historic excavation, plus a mix of thicket, rock and water features. The area is a favourite with dog walkers as there are many paths, which makes it suitable for easier courses. For more experienced orienteers there are many point features and alternative route choices.

For many years the area has been characterised by rhododendron bushes. Due to their implication in spreading Sudden Oak Death, amongst other tree diseases, the rhododendrons in Spring Wood have been felled (2011/2012/2013) and in some cases burnt. For the orienteer this has meant the disappearance of almost all of the areas of fight and, in their place, the appearance of brashings. Some brashings are impassable (double hatch vertical green screen on the map) and some slowly passable (single hatch screen). A few clumps, presumably not diseased, have been left standing and shown dark green, as are the more substantial hollybushes. Interestingly, the rhododendron roots have not been killed and so new shoots are already appearing. It remains to be seen whether fresh growth will be permitted or cut back once again.

The most likely outcome is that the map will need updating again soon.

The map was extended for the event in January 2014 and now includes an area of rough land crossed by many tracks and bike trails. This adds distance and interest to the original mapped woodland. An underpass enables courses to cross the main road in safety.