Burnley Xmas Trails 2021

Posted: Thu 16 Dec 2021

This Christmas holidays, PFO and Beat the Street Burnley will be coming together to create three different Christmas Trails. These will be live from Monday 20th December until Friday 31st December. There will be prizes for trying these events including a photography competition of you out and about on the courses.

Queens Park

- On Monday 20th December 11am-1pm there is a FREE Come And Try It event at Queens Park, Burnley, open too all ages with prizes for adults and children. There will be real controls placed in the park with electronic timing and two live Beat Boxes from the Beat The Streets Team.

- From Tuesday 21st December there will be a virtual orienteering course within the park. This is done by the free orienteering app - Maprun6. You can attempt the course as many times as you wish, can you beat the best time you have got? The courses are live 24/7 so you can pick the time you wish to go along and try it! Full details on how to download and use the app can be found on these guides.

Guide for Queens Park Maprun event

Guide for using navigating around a linear Maprun course

Guide for setting your phone up to use Maprun

Padiham Street O

Can you complete our most recent PFO event, by visiting all of the controls to get the answers over the Christmas holidays? Fill in the blanks when you get to the circle on the map by either writing the code that is on the lamp post/telegraph pole or the post code which is on the post box. Each answer is worth different points so plot your route to try and get the highest points possible in your visit!

Download the Map here

Download the Answer sheet here

Burnley Town Centre Trail

Can you find our festive Beattie posters in the shop windows around Burnley Town Centre? Each festive Beattie has a Christmas codeword. When you see one note which word it says and what number you are at on the map and fill in your answer sheet! The maps, answer sheet and information sheet can be downloaded below or collected from one of the following three locations:

Town Centre Trail Map can be downloaded here

Information sheet for the Town Centre Trail is here