Chairman's Report from the British Night Championships



Posted: Mon 4 Mar 2019

Judith took part in this year's British Night Championships in Scotland.

British Night Championships, Aberdeen, Muir of Dinnet 23rd February 2019

“Are you here on holiday?” asked the receptionist at the Premier Inn, “no, just here overnight.”

I’d travelled up with my friend Kerstin who is a member of Harlequins Orienteering Club, and her son Alex. Kerstin is from Sweden, where they obviously think nothing of travelling 350 miles for an event! “Shall we do the British Night Champs?” she said last Christmas, “why not?” I replied, “It’s in Aberdeen……” she said. I said I’d think about it, but 2 days later she’d booked the hotel and car hire, entered the event and found flights!

So here I am, in Aberdeen for 1 night only to do the British Night Champs. I’d been preparing by doing a couple of localish night events, Rivington and Ilkley. So with head torch fully charged off we go.

Driving to the event centre I took the opportunity to read the final details, we would be using Emit instead of SI (I’ve never used Emit in competition) and there would be no kites at the controls! Instead there was to be a reflective baton. Things were looking a bit more complicated than I had anticipated and I wasn’t even there yet!

Map changes at the event centre showed a forest track/road which had appeared only the day before, although I looked at it, by the time I’d walked 2.5 km to the start I’d completely forgotten where it went.

On the course, I made serious errors at nearly every checkpoint. Fortunately I forgot to start my Garmin watch at the start so you can’t see the full extent of my incompetence on routegadget.

1hour 36minutes to cover 4.4km!

What have I learned?


March 2019