Easter Trails in Rawtenstall - Extended to Saturday 10th April

Trail promo image

Trail promo image

Posted: Tue 23 Mar 2021

PFO have planned 3 Easter trails around Rawtenstall all of which start and finish at the Market on Newchurch Road.

Maps and blank answer sheets can be downloaded via the links below, or hard copies will be available from the market.

There are 3 to try, each one is slightly different in length.

Click here for an information sheet about the trails

The answer sheet can be downloaded here.

There are 8 controls on each trail, which can be visited in any order or can be followed numerically.

The trails will be available up to Saturday 10th April.

There will be a picture of an Easter egg at each control site, there will be a different word on each one. Write the words on your answer sheet and once you have collected all eight you have to arrange them to make a sentence.

Take your answer sheet back to the market to receive your prize.

If you send your photos to Rossendale Schools Sports Partnership, you will be entered into a separate prize draw.

Children MUST be supervised on these courses due to the various road crossings. Wherever possible please use the zebra and pelican crossings that are available.