Lamp Post Orienteering



Posted: Wed 3 Feb 2021

PFO have created a series of short orienteering courses around Rossendale. All the controls are on items of street furniture such as lampposts, telegraph poles etc.

Each map is designed to be a short 20-25 minute walk of between 1-1.5 miles in distance. You are welcome to create your own routes between the controls as long as they stick to public rights of way. Orienteering is focused on finding the quickest way between two points so think about routes that make use of public cut throughs and follow a logical order!

Follow the map of the local area and visit the numbered controls in any order. When you get to the area of the control look for a lamp post or in some areas a Telegraph Pole and there will be a number written on it. For a lamp post this will usually be in a yellow box, a telegraph pole will have usually metal letters and numbers attached to it, and where you see a 'Hydrant' control this will be a large 'H' on the post with two numbers on it. Write your answers down and at the end of the course check the answer sheet to see if you were correct with the code you found!

This attachment will give you an idea of what you are looking for at the control site.

Here are all the courses that are available, we may add others as time goes by so keep checking back. This is a blank answer sheet to write your answers on.

ConstableeAlder Grange
ConstableeSt Pauls
Burnley Road EastEdgeside
Burnley Road EastWhitewell Bottom
CloughfoldCloughfold Route 1
CloughfoldHigher Cloughfold
CrawshawboothCrawshawbooth Primary
EdenfieldEdenfield Route 1
EdenfieldEdenfield Route 2
Hall CarrCherry Tree
HaslingdenSt Mary's
RawtenstallHaslingden Old Road
ReedsholmeRoute 1
ReedsholmeRoute 2

The answers to all the above courses can be found in this document