MapRun - a new version of the App is now available

Map Run6 logo

Map Run6 logo

Posted: Wed 3 Feb 2021

MapRun6 has now been released and is available to download from the App Store or the Play Store.

- It is a separate App, so it can co-exist on your phone with MapRunF as users start to adopt it. Eventually MapRunF will be removed.

Key features and fixes in MapRun6 are:

- Enhanced responsiveness in getting an initial GPS fix and getting the best possible tracking throughout the run (uses multiple location feeds)

- Events can now used QR Codes for punching (mainly for permanent courses)

- “Show Me”: Events can be set that allow the runner to tap a “Show Me” button a set number of times to display their current location (great for beginners).

- More Scoring Schemes - This is achieved by “parameter-based” scoring (ScoreP), where the organiser can set 10 individual parameters to create their own custom scoring scheme (see and be sure to test your custom scheme using the test function in the Console.)

- Date Ranges for Events - Events can be set with dates ranges for: 1. to run in the event, 2. to see the results table and 3. to see runners tracks. (eg don’t show anyones tracks until the end of the allowed window of participation)

- Strava - The problems some users were having logging in to Strava have been resolved and you can now set whether your track is uploaded to Strava: Always, Prompt each time, or Never.

Convenience factors:

- See not only all results in the current event, but also all results in all Events

- Return to the last event folder visited (if you are often getting your events from the same folder)

- The punch sound on an iPhone is now the same whether the phone is awake or asleep

- Events can be sent to MapRunG without requiring the PIN (even if the event is locked with a PIN). This is to allow runners to get the event onto their watch before coming to the event.

- A button on the run screen recentres the map on the Start (useful it the map has been panned off the screen)

Map and Control Display

- Events can now be set where the map and course is not shown at all on the phone, or

- If shown, whether controls are visible: Always, Only after punching or Never

- These options are to support “Radio Direction Finder”-type events and novelty events where a clue sheet leads to the next control etc.

The full release notes are at:

For discussion about MapRun6 please use the MapRun Forum topic on MapRun6 ( Here you will find:

Known issues – See:

- Any updates and what they address

- Where you can post about any new issues