MapRun - a new version of the App is now available



Posted: Wed 3 Feb 2021

MapRun version 7

MapRun version 7 is published to the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore under the name "MapRun". This brings us full circle, with MapRun being the name of the original MapRun App, then MapRunF followed by MapRun6. That is, the original MapRun in the App Stores has been replaced (over-written) by this new version.

MapRun version 7 has all of the features of MapRun6 and will ultimately replace MapRun6 as the recommended App, following a period of overlap with MapRun6.


The MapRun version 7 features are also supported (where applicable) in MapRunG 1.6.0+ (for Garmin Watches).

Minor Features and Bug Fixes:

The full release notes and discussion forum are at: