NWNL 2020North West Night League 2020



Posted: Mon 4 Mar 2019

The NWNL consists of typically 6 night events staged by different NW clubs around the region. All events have just 3 course options, Blue, Green and Orange., which are technically, just the same as day courses. A powerful head torch (and back up lighting) is essential.

Download the results file here: LEAGUE2020v5

The NWNL 2019-2020 series has been run up to event 5 following the MDOC Philips Park event on 15th Feb.

Only 6 PFO members are in the results table so far this season: Judith Wood, Katy Thompson, Deborah Alexander, John Fawcett, Danny Allen & Richard Edwards.

Judith at 9th and Richard at 14th are the best placed PFO members. Steve Wilson SELOC (ex-PFO) is placed 1st in M19-49 age category.

PFO's NWNL event (event 2) was held on Darwen Moor in December 2019. It was a tough one!