NWNL 21/22NW Night League 2021-2022

Sponsored by Bright Bike Lights

Sponsored by Bright Bike Lights

Posted: Sun 12 Dec 2021

The NWNL comprises 7 night events. The series is sponsored by BrightBikeLights.

Every winter from November to February, member clubs of the North West Orienteering Association put on a series of night events. Each event offers courses: Blue, Green and Orange. Other than darkness and headtorches, the courses are as they wouold be daylight, though sometime a little shorter.

This year SELOC, PFO (Nick o'Pendle 4/12/2021), SROC, LOC, DEE, BL and MDOC have put on a night leage event.

Results and league standings after the first 3 events can be viewed on the NWOA website here. Several PFO members are regular competitors in the Night Series.