NWNL 23/24Prov NW Night League 23 - 24

Sponsored by Bright Bike Lights

Sponsored by Bright Bike Lights

Posted: Wed 26 Jan 2022

The NWNL comprises 6 night events. The series is sponsored by BrightBikeLights.

Every winter from November to February, member clubs of the North West Orienteering Association put on a series of night events. Each event offers courses: Blue, Green and Orange. Other than darkness and headtorches, the courses are as they would be in daylight, though sometimes a little shorter.

This winter SROC, SELOC, PFO, DEE, MDOC and BL are putting on night leage events.

Event schedule, results and league standings after each event can be viewed on the NWOA website here.

Several PFO members are regular competitors in the Night Series.