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Pendle ssp 2

Posted: Thu 18 Jun 2020 the success of our Virtual Pendle Pedal Challenge, together with Pendle Forest Orienteers, we are launching a Virtual Orienteering Competition for the duration of the summer holidays.

We would love for you and your family to get involved! This is a Pendle-wide, mass-participation event that anyone of any age or ability can take part in. Even teachers and parents too.

Throughout the six weeks, we will be encouraging as many people in Pendle to get out and have a go at our virtual orienteering event. There are two local courses:

Alkincoates Park, Colne BB8 9QQ and Towneley Park, Burnley BB11 3RQ

Each participant earns 1 point for their school in taking part. Therefore, in completing both courses there are 2 points available per person. Everyone that enters will receive a certificate. The primary school with the most entries will be crowned the overall winners. In addition, there are prizes for participants for the fastest times for both courses in the following categories:



Team (max of 5 people)










To take part

  1. Download the ‘ Maprunf ‘ App on your smart phone ideally at home before you leave.
  2. To register for the event and enter your time, please click on the link:
  3. Please also post photo’s of you taking part to our Facebook page:

Please select ‘short course’ as the option for both of the parks. Your phone will make a sound each time you pass through a control and also through the finish line. It will then automatically give you a time you took to complete the course.

Good luck! Fiona Callaghan, Pendle SGO

To enter your time, please click on the link:

Pendle Virtual Orienteering @ Alkincoates + Towneley Parks

Comment on your experience on Pendle Forest Orienteers Facebook Page:


Introduction to Orienteering & Maprun

This short document will give you an idea of what Orienteering is and how to use the MapRunF App.

Orienteering Intro

Paper Maps

The map for each of the courses will be visible in the App on your phone, but if you'd prefer to have a paper copy of the map they can be downloaded below:

Alkincoats Short Course

Alkincoats Long Course

Towneley Park Short Course

Towneley Park Long Course

If you've enjoyed these courses........

Additional trails are in Nelson, at Marsden Park BB9 8BW, and two in Rossendale at Whitaker Park BB4 6RE and at Marl Pits BB4 7SN. These 3 courses are not part of the current challenge. Further details can be found here