Towneley Park MapRun course

Posted: Thu 25 Nov 2021

On Weds 24th November, Club Night was held in Towneley Park, Burnley and used a Maprun 60 minute score course.

It's a 60 minute score event with 10 point penalty for every minute you are late.

Controls 30-39 score 30 points, 40-49 score 40 points, 50-59 score 50 points and controls 60-65 score 60 points.

The controls that are closest to the start/finish score the highest points.

This event can be found in the MapRun6 app UK/Lancashire/Pendle Forest/Club Night/Towneley Mass Reverse

A pdf of the map is here

For those of you that are new to Maprun brief overview of how to use MapRunF can be found here.