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Dibber pointing

Dibber pointing

Posted: Tue 4 Feb 2020

Sunday 15th March at Fixby & Bradley Woods near Huddersfield

This year’s qualifying heat is being hosted by East Pennine Orienteering Club (EPOC). We are classed as a small club therefore we enter the Compass Sport Trophy. (The Compass Sport Cup is for large clubs) both competitions do the same courses which are listed below.

We need as many club members as possible to come and run on the day to assist PFO getting through to the Final.

We are up against some strong competition this year (CLARO, NN, NATO, LOG, HALO, SELOC, NOC and EPOC). The 1st and 2nd placed teams in this heat qualifies for the Final which takes place near Sutton Coldfield later in the year.

The courses are very specific on ages. If you wish, you may run up an age group, but will be non-competitive if you run down. The rules are attached below FYI.

Course / BOF Age Class

1. BROWN Men Open

2. SHORT BROWN M20- M40-

3. BLUE WOMEN Women Open

4. BLUE MEN M50+

5. GREEN W20- W45+


7. SHORT GREEN Vets M70+ W60+

8A. JUNIOR MEN (Green) M18-

8B. JUNIOR WOMEN (Sht Green) W18-



10. SHT GREEN Super Vets M80+ W70+

    Two courses, an Easy Yellow and Lt Green course are available, but they will not be part of the Compass Sport competition.


    We have to submit our entries by the end of February –

    Please email , by 22nd February, if you will be competing and provide the following information

    Entry fees for all PFO Members that enter, and run on the day, will be paid for by the Club.

    *Planner’s Note Courses 1 Brown & Course 2 Short Brown have more than 30 controls therefore you will require dibbers with suitable capacity.


    The rules for the 2020 competition are here