Lockdown - Google Street View exercises

Last Updated: Tue 12 May 2020

There have been a few Street O events created where you navigate around using Google Street Maps.

Check the links below to try them out.


This event is based around Riems in France and uses an orienteering map, you use Google Street View to navigate around and click the controls.


Results are available online !

There are links to other virtual Street O events via this one as well.


Although this uses Google Street Map to navigate around the format of this is slightly different. You open the map in a separate browser window and there are questions for you to answer at each control location. Answers are available below.

The 'paper map' can be downloaded here www.cognitocoaching.com/traini...

The link to Street Map is here https://goo.gl/maps/j626Dp85mk...

The questions for each control are here:

Answers can be found here www.cognitocoaching.com/traini...