Street-O BarnoldswickBarnoldswickWed 07 April, 2021

Local level event

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Planner's Comments:

"I've never been to Barnoldswick before" was the catch phrase of the day. I'm guessing that at least 70% of competitors fell into this category. Our small town (pop. 10,664 / 2019) lies off the beaten track, bypassed by the A56, A59 & A682. It has good amenities, some well known employers, points of interest (some of which you visited or passed by) and fabulous Lancashire/Yorkshire border countryside nearby. Fringe areas of the town added interest with its blend of countryside footpaths and urban running. We know you enjoyed your visit, because you said so. Thank you all for taking part.

A word about controls, point scoring and timing. In general we have been generous where it is obvious you went to the vicinity of the control but gave the 'wrong' answer. In two cases there were pairs of telegraph posts, both within the circle, where answers from both posts were credited as correct. Also, next time, I'll make sure answers cannot be guessed or, worse still, looked up on the internet! We had two instances of dibbers not correctly registering the start and/or finish time. This was probably operator error, but we have accepted stopwatch times in lieu of SI timing.

Some stats: Total entries 49 (comprised of 35 individuals, 12 pairs and 2 trio teams = 65 individuals). Every control was visited by at least one competitor. 33 (out of 50) was the highest number of controls visited by one competitor, John Embury, the overall winner. The penalty attrition rate was very high (impossible to outrun) so only 10 overran the 60 minutes. Nearest to the mark were David & Gillian Greenwood finishing with 6 seconds to spare and Chris & Elijas Rostron who overran by 3 seconds.

The control that caused the greatest difficulty was 57, 'POLE, NUMBER _ _' Not only were there two poles within 25m of each other, but the correct one had 3 sets of 2 numbers carved into it plus the given answer '1D' on two discs. Everyone who visited 57 and gave one of 5 possible answers was credited with 5 points. My apologies to you all for the confusion.


Is a web browser app for sharing and comparing orienteering routes. You can draw your own route or upload a GPS track from your watch. It also allows you to watch an animated replay with a simulated mass start.

Go to the Pendle Forest Routegadget now

Last updated: Sat 10 April, 2021

This event is pre-entry only for solo, pairs or trio teams. Entry limited to 60 starts.

All participants must wear a hi-viz vest and should carry a torch (sunset should be about 8pm so you may not need a torch to run but will need it to read answers).
Each single competitor or team will need a dibber (own or hired £1 on entering), a watch and a pen/pencil.
We ask all competitors to wear a face covering (e.g. a Buff) except when competing.
For age rules concerning junior participation, see below

The Start location is within 100m of the Barnoldswick Co-Op car park.

See below for latest government advice from 29th March.

The latest BOF Participant Code of Conduct with respect to Covid 19, should be read by all participants. (Watch for updates.)

Participant Code of Conduct 2021 02 24

If you haven't competed in a Street-O event previously, you will find these explanations informative:

Street Orienteering

Example Street O Map

Location Info

Near: Barnoldswick
Lat,Lng: 53.91710,-2.18604
OS Grid Ref: SD878467
Postcode: BB18 6DD

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

Parking is in the Co-Op car park in central Barnoldswick, entrance off Wellhouse Road, BB18 6DD.

Map / Terrain

Street-O competition is on local streets, main roads, parks, semi rural areas and footpaths.
The competition map is 1:10000, in simplified format.

After rain, many of the parkland and countryside footpaths are very wet, very muddy and very slippery. Cobbled alleys, stairways and paths, some steep, may also be slippery. On the steepest routes there is usually a handrail. Take care. Wear studded shoes.
There are many busy roads in the competition area, including two main through roads, though the maximum speed limit is 30mph throughout the competition area. Take great care when crossing.

Registration and Start times

Starts from 6:00 to 7:00PM at minute intervals. Start and Finish are less than 100m from the car park. In the interests of social distancing, do not arrive at the Start until your pre-assigned Start time is due. Keep 2m apart.

Course Information

60 minute score event for all competitors. Control points will have a score value depending on distance and difficulty.
Control points are numbered from 10 to 59. The first digit is the score value for that control e.g. Control 13 will score 1 point, control 47 will score 4 points. Penalty deductions from your score is 1 points for every 12 seconds late, or part thereof (= 5 points off per minute late).

Entry Details

Entry and dibber hire (£1.00) will be via SI Entries. Entries will open from 24th March.

You will be able to register your interest and add your name to a waiting list from early w/c 15th March.

Entries close at midday on race day (7th April).


Pair Team£4.00£2.00
Trio Team£4.00£2.00£1.00

An individual entry can be amended to a Pair or Trio if you want to add a buddy to run with, but this must be done on-line in advance. (SIEntries will be open for amendments until 12:00 noon on competition day.) We cannot make changes at the Start.

Each team will have one Map (issued at the Start) and one Dibber (issued pre-Start). Runners 2 and 3 will wait beyond the Start box for their Team Leader to start.

If the event needs to be cancelled the PFO Event Cancellation Policy will apply.

Dog restrictions

No dogs. Moving traffic is a hazard.


In the Co-Op car park, we have access to a single disabled toilet with NO LIGHT - take your torch! Sanitiser will be provided.
There are numerous takeaways which will be open, most of them close to the car park. The Co-Op supermarket will be open until 22:00.
However, due to Covid restrictions, not all cafes, bars or restaurants will be open. Check in advance.


Rules concerning juniors:
Age 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Age 16 & 17 may run as a pair, or be accompanied by an adult.
Age 18+ may run as an individual.

Government advice from 29 March:

BOF event code 79232

Contacts / Officials

Planner: George Crawford-Smith PFO -
Organiser: Wendy Crawford-Smith PFO -