L'Etape du SHI RelaysSun 09 September, 2018

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L Etape Du SHI results
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L'Etape du SHI was intended to be a wind down for anyone who still had the legs to run. And so it proved!

3 gaffled SHI legs were run with all three team members starting at the same time - like a Harris Relay.

2 teams ran the Long course (5.5k identical to the Men's SHI courses) competitively and 17 'others' ran, jogged or walked the Short courses (4.8k identical to the Women's SHI courses). There were fast competitive times and leisurly not so fast times.

First on the Long course, the team comprising Pavel Prochazka BKO, Dan Safka DRONGO and Ben Stevens AIRE had a combined time of 139:22 (SHI winners 107:32). Highly competitive with many other SHI teams.
Second were, the team comprising Alastair McKenzie CLOK, Michael Muggeridge HAVOC and Dave Marr OD had a combined time of 198:56

The Short course (4.5k identical to the SHI WOmen's course) appealed to the slower brigade with leg times ranging from 51:40 thrrough to 91:14.
Adding the 3 fastest times together as a team the winners of the Short course would have been Anne Straub OD, Steve Wilson SELOC and Cath Wilson SELOC in a combined time of 161:12 (compares to SHI winners time of 126:33).

Congratulations to everyone who completed the course. Now you know what the experts did!

Pre-event details below here:

L'Etape du SHI Relays is an open-to-all event run over the Senior Home International Relay courses, but with later start times. The relay Start and Finish are adjacent to the Assembly area. SHI Relay starts are from 10:00 and the L'Etape starts from 13:00, so come early and support your home nation's team!

See how your scratch team compares to the best.

The competition area is the same as for the Hurstwood National on the previous day, but with an extended area which includes mature woodland.

Please observe: No dogs, no naked flames, no litter.


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Last updated: Sat 02 February, 2019

Location Info

Near: Hurstwood, Burnley
Lat,Lng: 53.78132,-2.18561
OS Grid Ref: SD881313
Postcode: BB10 3LF

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

Set your satnav to BB10 3LF. Parking is 200m before reaching this postcode.

Parking field on the LEFT of the approach road to Hurstwood village. There is a tight turn into the field gate.

Larger vehicles (mini buses and campavans) will have a separate easier field entrance. Please follow marshal's instructions.

Please make a parking donation, which will be passed on to a local charity.

ASSEMBLY and Registration area is 1.5k easy walk (& 40m height gain) from parking. Allow 20 to 30 mins. Relay Start.and Finish are close to Assembly.

There is ample room for club tents.

Registration and Start times

Registration from 12:00 till 13:00 or at Registration at the Saturday National event.

Starts: From 13:00 to 13:30.

Courses close 15:00

Course Information

L'Etape du SHI Relays course offer:

This is an informal opportunity for everyone to run one of the SHI Relay courses. Compare yourselves to the best!

If you run as a team of 3, you will all run concurrently and your team time is the sum of your 3 individual leg times.
The L'Etape Relay courses are gaffled so that each team runs all legs, but no two competitors and no two teams run the same set of legs.
Teams will manually calculate their total time and display them on the results washing-line.

If you run individually you will run one of the gaffled legs of the SHI courses. You will be timed. Scratch teams may be formed on the Start line or retrospectively!

Course: Teams of 3:
Open to all,
Dist km: Climb: Notes 1: EOD
L'Etape Relay
3 x Ad hoc
3 x 5.5k TBA Gaffled TD5 3 x £5
L'Etape Relay
3 x Ad hoc
3 x 4.7k TBA Gaffled TD5 3 x £5

SIAC Contactless punching available on all courses. No course has more than 30 controls.

Entries limited by map availability.

Entry Details

EOD only (= both Saturday and Sunday). £5.00 per person.

To run as a relay team, enter individually, then present yourselves as a team on the Start line.

To run as an individual, enter individually, then present yourself on the Start line.

Scratch teams may be formed on the Start line or retrospectively.

Each team will calculate its team result on cards provided. Display on an old-style "washing line".

Dog restrictions

This is sheep country. Absolutely no dogs in the competition area.


Toilets at Parking and at Assembly.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Martin Wilson BKO, Controller: Steve Wilson SELOC, Organiser: Helen Ashton PFO