Autumn Series (2/4)Marsden ParkSat 02 October, 2021

Local level event

Explanation of Event levels

  • Training events are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport.
  • Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Most clubs run some 'mini series' throughout the year as local mid week events.
  • Regional events attract participants from around the local Region.
  • National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away,
  • Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships or the annual JK competition.




The Results link above shows the controls visited, but excluding any that were visited for a second or more times. Also no penalties have been deducted for late arrival back at the Finish. This is the normal score event calculation.

Snook-O has different rules so needs calculation of additions for repeated colour balls visited, deductions for reds visited twice and time penalty calculation. In a few cases there have been deductions for reds or colours taken out of order.

In general, LONG competitors followed the rules to the letter (4 adjustments), whereas several SHORT competitors seemed to be less certain and have had 13 deductions for balls taken in the wrong sequence. Also some SHORT competitors overshot the 45 minute time limit by so much that their good scores went negative.

I hope no one was put off! We look forward to seeing you at Wycoller on 16th October for some conventional line orienteering.

Revised results are listed below:

Name Club Class Course Time Points
LONG COURSE (11 reds, 6 colours, 60 minutes, max possible score 115)
Emma Taylor PFO W21 LONG 00:57:22 94 0 94
Simon Sarginson --- M60 LONG 00:53:40 93 0 93
Greg May PFO M40 LONG 00:46:57 89 0 89
Andrew Kelly CLARO M60 LONG 00:56:28 86 0 86
Kay Hawke PFO W35 LONG 00:50:45 81 0 81
Andy Ellis PFO M60 LONG 00:53:56 81 0 81
James Woods PFO M21 LONG 00:57:42 80 0 80
Helen Ellis PFO W45 LONG 00:54:39 78 0 78
Pauline May PFO W40 LONG 00:55:00 76 0 76
Katy Thompson PFO W65 LONG 00:52:58 50 0 50
John Purkis SYO M65 LONG 00:55:02 30 0 30
SHORT COURSE (6 reds, 6 colours, 45 minutes, max possible score 75)
Trevor Davis --- M55 SHORT 00:41:22 51 0 51
Jo Davis PFO W50 SHORT 00:35:29 46 0 46
Ryan Gilbert PFO M10 SHORT 00:37:00 43 0 43
Lucy Wilson PFO W21 SHORT 00:45:03 42 -1 41
Jim Mitchell PFO M75 SHORT 00:43:20 40 0 40
Phil Headford --- M60 SHORT 00:44:11 40 0 40

Lisa Headford



SHORT 00:44:21 40 0 40
Rachel Davis PFO W16 SHORT 00:34:03 38 0 38
Jean Lochhead EPOC W75 SHORT 00:38:21 38 0 38
Heather Kimberley NWOC W45 SHORT 00:46:39 46 -9 37
James Gilbert PFO M12 SHORT 00:36:17 35 0 35
Isla Smith PFO W9 SHORT 00:43:10 34 0 34
Mike Fairburn PFO M80 SHORT 00:42:47 27 0 27
Jackie Page EPOC W70 SHORT 00:45:07 23 -1 22
Linda Kelly CLARO W60 SHORT 00:45:42 25 -4 21
James Woolford --- M10 SHORT 00:40:20 17 0 17
Colin Woolford --- M45 SHORT 00:40:48 17 0 17
Mary Barton-Marshall PFO W75 SHORT 00:40:24 17 0 17
Cloey Mason PFO W45 SHORT 00:47:46 29 -19 10
Joanne Webber --- W55 SHORT 00:58:15 59 -67 -8
Kristan Webber --- M20 SHORT 00:58:14 51 -67 -16

Planner's Comments:

This was my first course planning for at least 2 years, possibly 3, and also my first control setting out for maybe 5 years. I was super rusty so, in a way, Marsden Park was a good place for me plan, as it's not possible to go really really badly wrong!

Regarding planning - firstly I placed the Colours in more technical locations according to their worth. Then, due to the small size of the park, I placed Reds and Colours reasonably far apart to give adequate maximum distance for each course.
[Long course: straight line distance for 11 Reds paired with 11 Blacks, then Yellow to Black to Finish = 7.5k. Short: 6 Reds/6 Blacks & Yw to Bk to Finish = 5.0k]

I planned it so that the reds were fairly easy to find (e.g. path junctions) whereas the colours were more tricky (e.g. depressions etc). so that there would be no 'super easy' legs. Following discussions after the event, maybe next time, I'll make the colours less technical and the Reds more technical, because each Red is only visited once by each competitor!

After changing a few control locations late on in the process I should have revisited the park to check all. This would have prevented one or two location problems.

I spent about 7 hours putting out, manning Download, the collecting in (with others - many thanks). At least, with the afterrnoon start, it was all "done in a day".

I've awarded myself a pint.

Organiser's Comments:

Snook-O is a new format for many! We ran a 4 event Snook-O series back in 2015, but none since then.

The rules for this event, were similar to previous events but not identical. We allowed partial completion of the Red-Colour sequences and partial completion of the Yellow to Black sequence before finishing. At the course time limit (Long 60 minutes, Short 45 minutes) penalties were incured, which no one could outrun, so there was a a big incentive to finish on time. Only 7 competitors overran their time limit, all on the Short course!

The Results you see are straight from the SI score software, so repeat visits to colour controls have not been credited. We are working hard to sort out the true Snook-O scores and will publish here the actual winners and loosers ASAP. WATCH THIS SPACE for final adjusted results.

Danny's courses were testing for all and, by all accounts, enjoyed by all. The small training kites were at times difficult to spot amongst the lush vegetation and in dull wet conditions. One control was misplaced, for which we apologise.

Marsden Park Cafe did some roaring trade after the event. We thank them for the cheery welcome they gave to wet and bedraggles runners. Thanks too to those club members who helped put on this event, especially pitching and striking the club tent in blustery and wet conditions.

I hope no one was put off! We look forward to seeing you at Wycoller on 16th October for some conventional line orienteering. Oh ..... with a bit of a twist for the Technical course.

George Crawford-Smith - Organiser.


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Go to the Pendle Forest Routegadget now

Last updated: Wed 06 October, 2021

Pre Event Info

Snook-O event. Two score courses, one 45 minute and one 60 minute, with snooker rules (see below for more details).

Important note: This is an AFTERNOON event with first starts at 13:00. The late start enables anyone who participates in other Saturday morning activities to engage in both.

Event 2 of 4 of our Autumn Series at Marsden Park, Nelson.

The area offers a maze of paths to challenge novice and progressing orienteers. For regulars the area is fast, more sprint than classic, with route choice and quick thinking required.

Location Info

Near: Nelson
Lat,Lng: 53.83945,-2.18561
OS Grid Ref: SD878381
Postcode: BB9 8BW

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

At Marsden Park, BB9 8BW. The What3Words coordinate for the park entrance gate is ///seabirds.confirms.briefer

There is a small car park within the park, which is reserved for parents with young children. Adults (and those with older children) should park outside the boundary on Walton Lane, which is wide and safe. You should be able to park within 200m of Dibber Collection / Cafe.

Covid security is your personal responsibility.

Map / Terrain

Well managed and well featured park plus woodland, a deep ravine and numerous water features.
The map is 1:2500 drawn to the latest sprint orienteering standards, ISSprOM2019.
All the paths, bridges and steps within the park become extremely slippery after rain. Competitors should take care and consider walking where appropriate.

Registration and Start times

Starts: From 13:00 to 14:15
Courses Close: At 15:30

Course Information

Course Offer:

Snook-O Score

LONG 60 minutes

SHORT 45 minutes

There are two courses:

LONG - 11 'Red' controls

Penalty -10 points penalty per minute late, or part thereof.

SHORT - 6 'Red' Controls

Penalty - 5 points penalty per minute late, or part thereof.

Snook-O Rules

The rules for a PFO Snook-O event are based upon the rules of snooker with the added pressure of a time limit (LONG 60 minutes. SHORT 45 minutes) before you start losing points!. (Sorry, we made a mistake originally advertising both as 45 minutes.)

There will be a number of ‘Red’ controls which will be worth 1 point, and six ‘colour’ controls (Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink and Black) worth 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 points.

You need to visit a Red control followed by ANY Colour control, then any OTHER Red followed by ANY colour.

When you have visited all Red controls (each and the Colour of your choice) you need to visit ALL the Colour controls in the correct sequence (Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink and Black).

Hint: Remember that SI dibbers do not recognise two punches in the same control within approx. 15 seconds.

Entry Details

On-line only via SIEntries. Open from 16th September. You can edit your entry or see the entry list via this link too.

Entry fees: for both BOF members and non-BOF individuals.
Adult (M/W21+) £6.00,
Junior (M/W20-) and full time students £2.50.
Dibber hire £1, but £40 if lost.

If the event needs to be cancelled the PFO Event Cancellation Policy will apply.

Dog restrictions

Please do not take dogs on courses, but you may exercise them afterwards. Please keep your dog under close control and observe usual canine etiquette.


Marsden Park Cafe serves refreshments, snacks and light meals and their famous cakes. Open from 11AM till 4PM. Come early or stay late.


For general enquiries -

BOF event code 79823

Please read the BOF's Return to Orienteering (England) document.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Danny Allen PFO
Organiser: George Crawford-Smith