Spring series (1/4)Whitaker ParkSat 29 January, 2022

Local level event

Explanation of Event levels

  • Training events are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport.
  • Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Most clubs run some 'mini series' throughout the year as local mid week events.
  • Regional events attract participants from around the local Region.
  • National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away,
  • Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships or the annual JK competition.



Organiser's Comments:

Thanks to everyone who came and to the hardy group of volunteers for helping the event run smoothly. With well over 50 competitors and a good mix of complete beginners, novices and experienced orienteers, I think we can all agree that Jim and Mary’s courses offered a good challenge and made the most of the area! See you all again for the remaining events in the Spring Series. Thompson Park, Burnley, next Saturday, suitable for novices and experts.

Stephen Horrocks PFO - Organiser

Planners Comments:

Mary and I volunteered at short notice to plan this event and hope that the courses lived up to expectations (and maybe even exceeded them!)

Thank you to those who expressed their appreciation and apologies to those who were disqualified for mispunching. I accept that controls 128 and 124 were rather close together and caught some out. But it just shows how important it is to check codes. In every event I (Jim) recently attended, mispunching occurred - often by experienced people!

Thanks to all helpers, especially Stephen for his first event as organiser but also to all those others who willingly gave up their time to ensure a successful event and to keep PFO in the forefront of all small NW orienteering clubs!

Mary Barton-Marshall / Jim Mitchell PFO- Planners


Is a web browser app for sharing and comparing orienteering routes. You can draw your own route or upload a GPS track from your watch. It also allows you to watch an animated replay with a simulated mass start.

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Last updated: Tue 01 February, 2022

Following British Orienteering advice concerning Covid/Omicron restrictions, this event is pre-entry and pre-pay only. See entry details below.
Other social distancing rules will apply:

Location Info

Near: Rawtenstall
OS Grid Ref: SD804230
Postcode: BB4 8RT

Directions / Parking

At The Hill at Ski Rossendale on Haslingden Old Road/Oakenhead BB4 8RR.
Parking at the ski slope is only available after 13:00 because of a ski race taking place in the morning. If you arrive before 13:00, please use on-street parking at your discretion, preferably downhill from the entrance gate where the road is wider. You can move your vehicle after 13:00.
What3Words parking entrance location reference is: ///soak.covers.doors

From the car park, walk back beside the access road, to the road entrance. Cross the main road here (crossing marshal) directly into the park gateway. Bear immediately left to the Start, which is less than 60m from the gate.

Map / Terrain

The competition terrain is a mix of classic open parkland, some surrounding woodland/bushes and a multitude of manmade features. The newly refurbished museum and activity centre are now open.

Registration and Start times

Registration: ALL entries must be made through SI-Entries.
For pairs entries (or small groups), it is only necessary to register one name, pay for one entry and hire one dibber.
Dibber hire:
If you do not possess a dibber (SI-card) you must book and pay £1 when entering on-line.
Your hired dibber will be sanitised then placed in a sealed bag, for you to pick up at the download tent.
Starts: 13:30 to 14:30. (Start times will be extended if demand exceeds available slots.)
When entering, choose a 15 minute start block window from the drop-down menu. On the day, arrive at the Start during your window. Starts will be allocated by the Start marshal at one minute intervals.
Courses close: 16:00.

Course Information

Yellow and Orange courses are ideal for beginners and progressing orienteers. Thr combined Technical/Light Green course offers sprint type quick thinking running and navigation.

TD = Technical difficulty:




Two part map
Light Green / Technical3.7k


Two part map

In general, leg lines on the map have been drawn straight between controls, through any OOB features, in the manner of sprint maps. However, where leg lines would cross at or near a control, one of the leg lines is bent to avoid confusion.

Entry Details

There is NO entry on the day. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 26th January via SIEntries.

Entry fees: Adult (M/W21+) £6.00
Junior £2.50 (M/W20-)
Dibber hire £1.00

Dog restrictions

No dogs on courses. They may be exercised responsibly in the area after your run.


Ninja Coffee operate the cafe at the foot of The Hill ski slope, immediately adjacent to parking. It is open till 5:00PM. Toilet facilities adjacent to the cafe. You are invited to relax and enjoy the facilities both before and after your run.

We ask you REFRAIN from using the cafe and toilets at the Whittaker Museum in the park until AFTER your run, as the museum is right in the middle of the competition area!


BOF event: 80497

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Mary Barton-Marshall PFO
Organiser: Stephen Horrocks PFO
Controller: Jim Mitchell PFO