June Midweek Score Series

Lee Quarry

Lee Quarry
Credit: GCS

Last edited: Mon 17 May 2021

Score event for competition, training and practice.

Course information

June Score series:
First three events 45 minutes, finale 60 minutes score events:

MAXI Course: TD5/4 (21 controls). Max 315 points.
MIDI Course: TD4/3 (14 controls). Max 175 points.
MINI Course
: TD3 (Orange) line course.

Weekly league table. Best 3 to count.

Entry Details

Seniors (M/W21+) £6.00
M/W20-) £2.50
Dibber hire £1 (£40 if lost)

Registration and start times

Registration: No EOD. All entries via SIEntries.
Starts: 6:30 to 7:15PM
Courses close at 8:00PM.


Turn up and go!

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